Reinke Manufacturing, Deshler, Nebraska, a global company in irrigation systems and technology, has acquired Ace Irrigation & Manufacturing to expand its manufacturing operation.

“Ace has been a supplier to Reinke for many years, so we know that Ace makes a quality product,” said Chris Roth, Reinke president. “With the addition of Ace, Reinke now has six U.S.-based locations that will give us more capacity to produce and deliver the irrigation products needed by growers.”

Regarding Ace’s culvert division, Roth said, “We’re also excited to add the culvert line to our product offering. This will allow Reinke to continue to grow into the future, building upon the success that Ace has delivered their customers for nearly 70 years.”

Family-owned in Deshler, Nebraska, since 1954, Reinke manufactures center pivots and develops technologies to increase water efficiency for growers. The company currently has five U.S. locations in Deshler, Belleville, Kansas; Amarillo, Texas; Burley, Idaho; and Tifton, Georgia.

Ace began operations in 1952. The company manufactures aluminum and steel pipe for irrigation as well as culvert pipe on 30 acres in Kearney, Nebraska.

“We’ve worked with and respected Reinke for some time,” said Tom Bokenkamp, Ace chief executive officer. “Their reputation for delivering quality products is something we both have in common. I appreciate the dedication they’ve shown to our organization and our employees throughout this acquisition process.”

With more than 500 employees around the world, Reinke will add another additional 50 employees to their ranks by acquiring Ace. Roth believes the company cultures will fit well together.

“Since our companies are family-owned businesses that work in the ag industry, we both already understand how important teamwork and a strong work ethic is to our company culture,” Roth said. “We’re very excited to have Ace be a part of the Reinke family and we look forward to growing together.”

An acquisition price was not announced.

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