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A&L Biological Inc., a subsidiary of A&L Canada Laboratories Inc., announced it will research and develop products from cricket frass, a by-product of the Aspire Food Group’s future cricket production and processing facility in London, Ontario. Frass contains a wide range of nutrients “in readily-available form” that are necessary for plant development and soil health. In addition to key soil nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium; most of the frass consists of organic matter—a contributor to improved soil fertility and productivity.

A&L will provide expertise and specialized knowledge of bio-stimulant technology to develop bio-based fertilizer from cricket frass for sustainable and improved crop production. As technology advances in improving crop production and sustaining agriculture soils, innovation in crop nutrition and bio-stimulants will be a key component to the future of agriculture. A&L Biological has an established R&D platform for the discovery and development of bio-stimulant and bio-control technologies for practical, bio-based solutions to the agricultural industry.

"Frass at this scale is a new resource for agriculture production," said Soledad Saldías,Ph.D., research lab director and special projects for A&L Biologicals. "We will be researching the benefits for plant growth, soil health and nutrient uptake on the soil microbiome and microbial processes. Our goal is to develop a unique, frass based commercial product which leverages our expertise in bio-stimulants and bio-control technology to deliver a value-added, differentiated product.”

Saldías will lead the project, which has received funding from Next Generation Manufacturing Canada, or NGen. For more information, visit

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