Staff members at Diversified Product Development pose for a photo as part of a groundbreaking activity. (Courtesy photo.)

Diversified Product Development, marketer of the LineWise, LiftWise and DesignWise brands, has broken ground on a new headquarters and production facility in Waco, Texas. The 60,000-square-foot building, which is scheduled for completion in January 2021, will replace the company’s current facility in Waco.

Diversified currently employs approximately 60 people, including engineers, designers, sales and support staff, with plans to hire additional workers after moving into the new facility. “Each of our divisions has experienced steady growth over the years, and this new facility will better meet our needs,” said Ray Fritel, president of Diversified. “Plus, it opens up exciting new opportunities for our company.”

Diversified’s LineWise division designs, engineers and manufactures a full line of utility products, including line lifters, insulated work platforms, phase lifters, transmission temporary conductor supports and more. LiftWise is the material handling division, offering a wide range of products for material handling in assembly, welding and equipment servicing, as well as other various lifting solutions. DesignWise is the newest brand, but oldest and original division of Diversified, that offers a breadth of services to clients including exploring new markets and products; redesigning or modernizing existing products; improving ergonomics; increasing maintenance efficiency; and making products faster and more profitable.

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