How does your club engage with the larger world? Through service, 4-H members develop leadership skills, interact with others and—most importantly—improve the quality of community life.

Donating money to local organizations, providing food or clothing to people in need and improving parks and gardens are popular service activities for 4-H members. They are also involved in helping with community events and volunteering at schools, nursing homes and animal shelters.

How does your club make decisions about service activities? Think creatively about your next projects.

Assessing needs

  • Talk to club members about what issues matter to them or problems they would like to solve;
  • Encourage club members to read the local newspaper and follow current events; and
  • Interview community and organizational leaders.

Developing ideas

  • Spend time brainstorming ideas for new service projects, as well as evaluating and improving past projects;
  • Identify creative fundraising ideas based on members’ skills or interests; and
  • Think about ways your club can partner with other groups to achieve shared goals.

Informing others

  • Find creative ways to publicize service projects and events; write a newspaper article or talk to the media about your group’s activities; and
  • Share the importance of 4-H and the activities you’re doing with local officials, community groups, and classrooms.

With a little creativity, you can help your group focus more fully on meeting the goals of the 4-H pledge.

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