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Hi, my name is Laura, and my family are harvesters. Yes, I’m stating the obvious, but some say the first step to recovery is admitting you have an issue. And our issue is being harvesters. Why anyone would lay it all on the line to chase a crop that may or may not make it to harvest is beyond me. Yet, I’ve been sucked into the current and I’m not sure I want to recover. Each day, many challenges are waiting. Even with all the modern safety features, it is still a dangerous occupation, an…

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Seven students from various colleges and universities are beginning summer internship programs supported by the Nebraska Corn Board and the Nebraska Corn Growers Association. Although these internships may vary in scope and location, each are designed to provide students with an overview of Nebraska’s corn industry through real-world professional examples and experiences.

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N. T. Cosby, cattle nutritionist with Purina, talks about how to raise healthy cattle beyond just vaccinations. 

The Clovis Livestock Auction, Clovis, New Mexico, reported estimated receipts of 1,265 head selling May 22, compared to 1,422 head a week ago, according to the New Mexico Department of Agriculture-LPGMN Division USDA Market News, Portales, New Mexico.