Malatya Haber Multi-performance diesel fuel additive enters market

Multi-performance diesel fuel additive enters market

A Texas lubricant company has introduced DHP-10 as the next new generation of multifunctional and concentrated diesel fuel additive.

DHP-10 increases Cetane values for improved fuel efficiencies and economy. The additive cleans injectors and provides increased lubrication protection. The product minimizes deposit formation. The result is continuous fuel flow and improved fuel quality and performance. It also protects pumps and injectors from wear and premature failure. The additive has MT-10 metal treatment technology for added lubricity to the fuel while reducing friction from metal-to-metal contact.

DHP-10 does not change viscosity and sulfur ratings when used at recommended treatment rates. The entire Muscle Products is available through Texas Lubricants, Lubbock, Texas, and their distributors For more information, call 896-762-6913 or email