Malatya Haber Crop insurance, weather protection program available

Crop insurance, weather protection program available

A Perry, Kan., business offers a full-season program to supplement federal crop insurance to protect producers’ profits against yield loss due to adverse weather.

Angie Gantz of A G Insurance provided an outline of what producers should consider and what they can expect from Total Weather Insurance.

Coverage is tuned to the producers’ crop, location, soil type and local weather risks. TWI complements federal crop insurance programs and protects profits at risk due to adverse weather. TWI policies have no claims process, no paperwork and no waiting for payment. If bad weather happens, producers are paid automatically at the end of the coverage period.

Total Weather Insurance covers growers against six key weather perils that can limit corn, soybeans, and winter wheat yields. From germination and emergence to pollination, drought and dent, TWI Corn & Soybeans policy can offer growers protection against the weather events that make or break yields. A policy can cover early post-planting drought, depleted soil moisture, daytime heat stress, nighttime heat stress, exessive moisture and early frost or cool growing season.

TWI features a flexible coverage structure to ensure that crops in the field are protected from bad weather during the right times throughout the growing season.

TWI uses 2.5- by 2.5-mile grids for precipitation and temperature measurement to accurately capture the weather conditions on a grower’s farm.

Total Weather Insurance’s Farm-Level Optimizer provides precision coverage based on crop, field location, soil type and relative maturity of seed planted.

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