Malatya Haber Cattlesoft launches

Cattlesoft launches

Cattlesoft launched the Online Store, dedicated to helping ranchers better manage their cattle through better cattle weight records management. The Online Store offers a full line of Tru-Test weigh scale indicators, load bars, and platforms. Also available are Allflex Electronic Identification readers for connecting to scale indicators for seamless EID integration as well as CattleMax cattle software for herd management.

Cattle weight recording is one of the three key components of a complete cattle management system, which also includes cattle identification and cattle records. Choosing the right weighing solution is essential, so it's important for producers to choose the right set of scales for their weighing needs.

The first consideration in determining the right weigh scale setup is centered around how cattle will be weighed. It is also essential to determine how to record the weights and any additional information. Some scale indicators simply offer a display output, meaning the weight needs to be recorded on paper or manually entered into herd management software. Other scale indicators offer a memory that can store weights and additional information in the field for later downloading to spreadsheet or herd management software. Finally, some scale indicators allow for real-time connections directly between the scale indicator and cattle software for instant recording of weights as cattle are weighed.

The website has a free "Guide to Buying Livestock Scales."

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