Malatya Haber Choosing the correct fertilizer product for your crop

Choosing the correct fertilizer product for your crop

Fertilizer is applied is to increase a crop's yield potential by supplying the correct and needed nutrients. Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers has a full line of products that have been proven do a great job of supplying readily usable plant nutrition to growing crops. When determining which fertilizer product to purchase, consider the following factors that make nutrients more efficient and can help get the highest percentage of what a grower applies into the crop.

--Placement: Nutrients that can be placed in a crops root absorption zone are several times more likely to be in the best position to be utilized and absorbed.

--Balance: Soils that have the correct pH level and are supplied with the proper ratio and balance of nutrients, have a much better chance of supplying the crop with the needed nutrients to optimize yields.

--Timing: Every crop has a nutrient demand cycle, providing the crop with the correct and absorbable forms of nutrients at the correct time allows that crop to utilize and respond better.

Fertilizers that have lower salt indexes can be placed in the absorption zone with less chance of root damage, which gives a greater chance of having higher influx rates into the plant tissue.

All of these factors give the grower a better chance of getting a positive response from the fertilizer they choose to buy and apply.

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