Malatya Haber Iowa planter manufacturer launches 'sparks of innovation'

Iowa planter manufacturer launches 'sparks of innovation'

Kinze Manufacturing, Inc. is launching a blog called “Sparks of Innovation.”

The blog will feature stories and information from all the departments within Kinze Manufacturing, Williamsburg, Iowa, and will focus on the spirit of innovation that has driven the company since its start. Bloggers will include company leaders and will occasionally feature additional employees who have a story to tell.

“The ideas and innovation behind our products affect the way we operate. The narrative of how my dad started our business in 1965 continues to resonate with our employees and customers today,” said Susanne (Kinzenbaw) Veatch, vice president and chief marketing officer. “Our new blog will enable us to continue to tell the Kinze story to our customers and partners.”

Kinze plans to feature dealers, customers and employees on the blog and will be actively soliciting new ideas to write about. The posts will appear on the blog and then be shared through Kinze’s active social channels.

“As Kinze’s Williamsburg, Iowa, corporate campus continues to expand, it will be more

important for us to communicate with our stakeholders in an engaging way,” Veatch said. “People can log on and read our blog anytime, and see for themselves what’s going on with the company.”

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