Malatya Haber Mineral management program designed to use less organic trace minerals

Mineral management program designed to use less organic trace minerals

Global animal health leader Alltech has launched a mineral management program that aims to help customers feed less organic trace minerals to their livestock and get optimal performance results.

The company formed a global mineral management team to focus on providing solutions and support while introducing a modern nutrition application. By creating a network of mineral consultants and researchers around the world, they will be delivering technologies to address today’s nutritional and environmental mineral concerns. This approach encompasses all of the company’s efforts to redefine organic trace mineral nutrition by educating the feed industry about Total Replacement Technology and to no longer address single mineral-related issues but overall mineral nutrition challenges.

The TRT project strives to provide a secure source of organic trace minerals that are contaminant-free and safe for the environment. The latest research, shows that producers can feed substantially lower amounts of organic trace minerals than the inorganic alternative and get a similar, if not better, performance in cattle.

Mineral proteinates, such as Bioplex Minerals from Alltech, are trace minerals chelated to a range of amino acids and small peptides that improve absorption and retention in the body. These chelated minerals are designed to more closely resemble the mineral bonds found in plants and feed grains.

Studies have shown organic minerals to be effective in increasing the reproductive efficiency of young breeding females under nutritional stress. Producers can ensure optimum mineral status in their herd and decrease their herd’s susceptibility to reproductive problems such as early embryonic death; weak, ill-thrift calves; disease incidence; long calving intervals; silent heats and poor conception rates.

Besides optimizing immune function and fertility, organic minerals help to limit their impact on the environment. The mineral management program joins a list of Alltech On-Farm support services, at Nicholasville, Ky.

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