Malatya Haber NuTech Seed highlights new technology for 2014 planting season

NuTech Seed highlights new technology for 2014 planting season

NuTech Seed, Ames, Iowa, has updated technology in corn, soybeans and seed treatments for the 2014 planting season in the High Plains region.

For hybrids, the 903 series is a 103-day hybrid available as Herculex Xtra or Herculex 1 versions. The 806 series is a broadly adapted 106-day hybrid available in either a Herculex Xtra or Herculex 1 version. The 707 series is an AQUAmax product on a 107-day Herculex 1 or glyphosate tolerant-only hybrid. The new 709 series is available in AcreMax options. The Optimum AQUAmax is a 109-day product. The 811 series of hybrids brings several integrated refuge AcreMax options to the table 111-day and 113-day platforms. The 113 series is available as a TRIsect product as well as an AcreMax above ground refuge version. TRIsect trait package includes the European corn borer control of Herculex 1 trait and the corn rootworm control of the MIR604 rootworm traitfrom Syngenta along with glyphosate tolerance. The 5H-216 is a full-season hybrid and has shown well in eastern Kansas in 2012 and 2013 trials.

For varieties, the 7240 has consistent performance and high yields, combined with the added protection of Peking source for Soybean Cyst Nematode. Yield potential combined with a defensive package is touted about the 7273 variety. The 7360 brings stress tolerance and yield potential to the High Plains. The 7414 has topped the Kansas State University Reno County plot the past two years.

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