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Instinct II Nitrogen Stabilizer
Dow AgroSciences 317-337-4192

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Dow AgroSciences Instinct nitrogen stabilizer has been reformulated and renamed Instinct II nitrogen stabilizer for the 2014 crop year. Instinct II slows the loss of nitrogen by inhibiting the nitrification process. Instinct II lowers the freezing and burst point to provide better storage characteristics at retail locations. There will be no more Instinct produced while Dow AgroSciences converts to producing Instinct II nitrogen stabilizer. The recommended application rate for Instinct II with spring-applied UAN, urea and liquid manure is 37 ounces/acre. The recommended application rate for Instinct II nitrogen stabilizer with fall-applied liquid manure is 37 to 74 ounces per acre. For more information, contact a representative or visit