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Smart2 Transmitter
Shur-Co, LLC 605-665-6000

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Shur-Co, LLC, Yankton, S.D., has unveiled its latest generation of technology--the SMART2 transmitter. The SMART2 can operate more than 100 different devices, including Shur-Co's 4500 Series HD electric tarp and ProTrap electric hopper door openers, and other soon-to-be released accessories. The remote senses and displays all devices at a range of more than 100 feet, relaying real-time positioning of the trailer's electric tarp and hopper traps. The programmable SMART2 transmitter allows the user to specify the exact positioning. In express mode operation, press and release the button to automatically open or close the tarp or trap. The transmitter has a built-in emergency shut-off. The SMART2 has a 2.5-inch digital screen and is back-lit for night operations. The SMART2 runs on a rechargeable lithium battery and has a charging cradle and 12-volt charging cable. For more information, call 800-474-8756 or visit

NuTech Seed highlights new technology for 2014 planting season
NuTech Seed 515-232-1997

NuTech Seed, Ames, Iowa, has updated technology in corn, soybeans and seed treatments for the 2014 planting season in the High Plains region.

For hybrids, the 903 series is a 103-day hybrid available as Herculex Xtra or Herculex 1 versions. The 806 series is a broadly adapted 106-day hybrid available in either a Herculex Xtra or Herculex 1 version. The 707 series is an AQUAmax product on a 107-day Herculex 1 or glyphosate tolerant-only hybrid. The new 709 series is available in AcreMax options. The Optimum AQUAmax is a 109-day product. The 811 series of hybrids brings several integrated refuge AcreMax options to the table 111-day and 113-day platforms. The 113 series is available as a TRIsect product as well as an AcreMax above ground refuge version. TRIsect trait package includes the European corn borer control of Herculex 1 trait and the corn rootworm control of the MIR604 rootworm traitfrom Syngenta along with glyphosate tolerance. The 5H-216 is a full-season hybrid and has shown well in eastern Kansas in 2012 and 2013 trials.

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Pioneer Field360 Tools App
DuPont Pioneer 402-328-4095

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A mobile app featuring three agronomy tools is available to help growers with seasonal management decisions. The Pioneer Field360 Tools app, from DuPont Pioneer, Des Moines, Iowa, features a growing degree unit estimator, precipitation estimator and growth stage estimator. The app combines analysis tools and real-time data at a producer's fingertips. Growers are able to track multiple field scenarios, including progress of the crop with a growth stage estimator, view precipitation forecasts and daily precipitation, and calculate growing degree units and key crop stages. The tools app can estimate harvest dates for selected Pioneer corn hybrids. Growers can also access Agronomy Tools and other applications such as Pioneer Field360 Notes app and the Plantability app. For more information, contact a Pioneer representative or visit

Nutra Flo 605-217-2018

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Nutra-Flo, a provider of starter and foliar applied liquid fertilizers, has launched a new micronutrients line of products. The MicroSolutions line of chelated micronutrients has top efficiency, which means growers can use less product per acre to achieve the same results as compared to non-chelated nutrients. Growers can blend MicroSolutions micronutrients with liquid fertilizer to help correct or prevent micronutrient deficiencies. Available in 2.5-gallon jugs, 250-gallon totes or in bulk, the new MicroSolutions micronutrients are compatible with all types of fertilizers including 100 percent orthophosphates and many herbicides and insecticides. Nutra-Flo is based in North Sioux City, S.D. For more information, contact a fertilizer dealer or visit

Two Way Radio Communications
TBS Electronics, Inc 785-862-7450

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TBS Electronics, Inc. provides two-way radio communication needs by maintaining a large inventory of radios, accessories, and parts to respond to customer inquiries and promptly ship orders from its Topeka, Kan., headquarters. Many two-way radio users have lost range due to the recent Federal Communications Commission mandate to narrowband operation. Digital radios will help with better range and other features. People can call trade-in promotions and manufacturer rebates at 800-530-5550 or visit

LECO - Motor sales and repair, ari compressor sales and repair etc.
Lubbock Electric Co.

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Lubbock Electric Co., Lubbock, Texas, offers sales, service and engineering for cotton gins. Since 1944, the company has a team of control system specialists, engineers, and technicians. During ginning season, LECO is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so that if something happens, help is a telephone call away. The company offers motor sales and repair, air compressor sales and repair, hydraulics, system integration, programmable logic controller systems, power transmission product, automation and data acquisition. LECO is also a distributor of Legacy Gin Saws. For more information, call 800-692-4474 or visit

MTM More Than Manure Nutrient manager
SFP 888-446-4769

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A Leawood, Kan.-based company has introduced More Than Manure nutrient manager, designed to protect phosphorus from lock up and nitrogen from leaching, volatilization and denitrification in applied manure. Through the use of SFP's polymer technology, MTM increases nutrient efficiency that can lead to yield increases and improves manure handling. It is formulated for uses in manures and litters, both liquid and dry. More Than Manure helps improve phosphorus availability for plant uptake by reducing the amount of element that gets locked up in the soil, which can become insoluble for long periods of time. Improved phosphorus and nitrogen efficiency can translate into larger root systems, more vigorous crop growth and better overall plant health. For more information, call 888-446-GROW or visit

Corn Stalk Net Wrap
Synthetic Resources Inc 620-983-2036

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Corn Stalk Farmers Netwrap is built to withstand tough baling conditions such as corn and milo stalks and other crop residue. Netwrap can be used on wheat straw bales for added strength. Corn stalk netting is only available in 64-inch and 67-inch widths. Netwrap increases production time, reduces wear and tear on equipment and maintains hay quality throughout the feeding season. Pretty Good Twine products are made by Synthetic Resources Inc., Peabody, Kan., and include Netwrap, plastic baler twine, hay tarps, silage film and hay preservative. Delivery trucks travel from Texas to North Dakota and Ohio to Colorado. For more information, call 800-552-3295 or visit

Acra Plant 800-798-1968

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A liquid fertilizer banding tube for John Deere single disk seed openers is available with Acra-Plant, which is manufactured in Hutchinson, Kan. The ACRA-Band offers banded nutrient placement next to the seed row. It also offers minimal soil disturbance, mess-free liquid fertilizer application, no orifice plugging, high-low dual position adjustment, low check valve position for minimal drip, and fits all John Deere no-till seed boot openers. The banding tubes include installation hardware, nylon tub and a liquid quick connection. For more information, call 800-798-1868 or visit

Multi-performance diesel fuel additive enters market
Texas Lubricants 806-762-6913

Multi-performance diesel fuel additive enters market

A Texas lubricant company has introduced DHP-10 as the next new generation of multifunctional and concentrated diesel fuel additive.

DHP-10 increases Cetane values for improved fuel efficiencies and economy. The additive cleans injectors and provides increased lubrication protection. The product minimizes deposit formation. The result is continuous fuel flow and improved fuel quality and performance. It also protects pumps and injectors from wear and premature failure. The additive has MT-10 metal treatment technology for added lubricity to the fuel while reducing friction from metal-to-metal contact.

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Sunco Screw Adjust Saber Tooth Trash Discs
Sunco Marketing 308-532-2146

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Sunco Marketing, North Platte, Neb., has introduced the "screw adjust" for its Saber Tooth Trash Disc. The new unit attaches to the individual planter row units just as the pin adjust units do; however, an extended stem puts the screw adjust knob near the top of the planter row units top parallel linkage for easy access. The product uses concave disc design and incorporates the swept back tooth and disc separation for heavy residue. The product is designed for Case IH, John Deere, Kinze, and White planters. For more information, call 800-676-2146 or visit

Gas Struts
Abilene Machine 800-255-0337

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Abilene Machine, Inc., headquartered in Abilene, Kan., a retailer of new, remanufactured and recycled agricultural replacement parts, has added gas struts to its product line. Abilene Machine's gas struts for windows, hoods, roofs and doors are a direct replacement for Original Equipment Manufacturer struts at a much lower price. Struts are available for Case, Case IH, Ford/New Holland and John Deere. For more information, call 800-255-0337 or visit

SuperCal SO4
Calcium Products, Inc 800-255-8196

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SuperCal SO4 provides 17 percent sulfur in the form of sulfate and provides calcium, which improves soil structure, aeration and drainage, according to Calcium Products, Gilmore City, Iowa. The combination of calcium and sulfur results in higher protein and yields in crops and other benefits. Manufactured from finely ground, naturally mined 95 percent pure calcium sulfate dehydrate and pelletized for precision spreading, SuperCal SO4 can be applied anytime with any other fertilizer. For more information, call 800-255-8196 or visit

Corn Herbicides
Dow AgroSciences 317-337-4192

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As growers evaluate their weed control program and consider herbicide options for 2014, Dow AgroSciences offers new formulations of four residual corn herbicides--Keystone NXT, Keystone LA NXT, FulTime NXT and Surpass NXT. These herbicides provide dependable control of annual grasses and broadleaves, including lambsquarters, waterhemp and other hard-to-control weeds. The formulations have the flexibility to be applied from pre-plant to early post-emergence and can be used alone or in combination with many pre-emergence and post-emergence corn herbicides. The new formulations join SureStart herbicide for diverse corn herbicide portfolio that allow for a variety of agronomic solutions. For more information, see a sales representative or visit

Pro-tach Wire Winder
Hotwood's 877-407-8645

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The Pro-Tatch line of wire winders has been manufactured at Hotwood's, Grand Island, Neb. A Honda Gas Winder is convenient for operating from the bed of the pick-up or carrying into places that are hard to reach with a vehicle. The Hydraulic Wire Winder is available in Category 1-2 or 3-point mount, and with the universal design can be mounted to any surface. Also available is a custom made bale bed hydraulic winder, made to fit a bale bed arm. All bale beds have the hydraulics in place. All Pro-Tatch wire winders are constructed of steel. There are multiple styles of reels. A new line of accessories for the hydraulic and gas winders will be released soon. For more information, call 877-407-8645 or visit