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New Roto-Mix VX Series Single Auger Mixers
Roto Mix LLC 620-225-1142

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The VX series single auger vertical mixers by Roto-Mix, Dodge City, Kan., offer small-to-medium-sized dairies, cow-calf and heifer operations an efficient, durable, feed mixer that delivers high-quality total mixed rations at an affordable price. The three models, the VX-315, VX-415 and VX-515, provide capacities in 300, 400 and 500 cubic feet, respectively, and they are less than 100 inches in height. The low-profile mixer series enables nearly all loaders and skid steers to load feed without clearance concerns. Buyers have the choice of a right or left side discharge and a side bolt-on conveyor option to allow for easy bunk feeding. A flow regulator plate enables the operator to optimize the flow of feed inside the mixer. The single auger is powered by a low-maintenance power take-off-driven planetary gearbox. Dual truck tires on the trailer are an option for mud and snow. For more information, call 620-225-1142, or visit

Callicrate Banders
No-Bull Enterprises 785-332-3344

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The Callicrate Bander castration system--a humane technique in the beef industry's increasingly popular with the goat and sheep sectors. The Callicrate Bander for delayed castration and the Callicrate "WEE" Bander for early castration can be used for castration, horn removal and other medical procedures requiring ligation or negation of blood flow. Purebred breeders often prefer to delay castration to give young animals more time to develop their genetic potential. In addition, commercial operations can benefit from delaying castration and taking advantage of natural testosterone in a way that mirrors natural beef programs. Male goats are physiologically unique in how they mature, requiring careful management to prevent complications later. Studies of high-tension banding have demonstrated the negation of blood flow triggers a natural analgesic effect that blocks pain while minimizing swelling and related complications. For more information, call the St. Francis, Kan.-based company at 785-332-3344 or visit

Mineral management program designed to use less organic trace minerals
Alltech 605-692-5310

Global animal health leader Alltech has launched a mineral management program that aims to help customers feed less organic trace minerals to their livestock and get optimal performance results.

The company formed a global mineral management team to focus on providing solutions and support while introducing a modern nutrition application. By creating a network of mineral consultants and researchers around the world, they will be delivering technologies to address today’s nutritional and environmental mineral concerns. This approach encompasses all of the company’s efforts to redefine organic trace mineral nutrition by educating the feed industry about Total Replacement Technology and to no longer address single mineral-related issues but overall mineral nutrition challenges.

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Hydraulic Loading Chute by Moly Mfg. Inc
Moly Mfg. Inc 785-472-3388

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Moly Manufacturing, Lorraine, Kan., has introduced a new hydraulic loading chute that adjusts from 10 inches to 58 inches with the loading platform remaining horizontal at all times, lessening stress on animals as they enter and exit trucks. The hydraulics include a mechanical backup for safety. The loading chute may be separately purchased. Moly offers eight models of Silencer hydraulic squeeze chutes. The company makes Turret Gate, which repositions the gate behind waiting animals and lowers animal stress as they move without pressure from humans. Chute carriers, scales, circular fencing, alleys and transitions are available. For more information, call 785-472-3388 or visit

National Beef Cookoff Winner
American National Cattle Women

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Abbie Argersinger, Austin, Texas, was announced on Nov. 2 as the $25,000 grand prize winner in this year's National Beef Cook-Off, funded by the Beef Checkoff Program and managed by the American National CattleWomen, at the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show in Washington, D.C. Her Cali-Avocado Steak Salad, which served two people, required just eight ingredients with total cook and preparation time was listed as 30 minutes. Argersinger is pictured with chef Timothy Dean (the top chef finalist who was the master of ceremonies on the cooking stage), Evelyn Brown, Cullman, Ala., who demonstrated the winning recipe, and ANCW president Barbara Jackson, Tucson, Ariz. For more information about the winning recipe, call 303-694-0313 or visit

Bowman Standard Tilt Chute
Bowman Livestock Equipment Co 877-521-9111

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The Bowman Standard Tilt Chute, made in Herington, Kan., is a fully hydraulic operation, from the “scissor type” entrance and exit doors, along with squeeze bottom and squeeze sides that help save time and provides less stress on animals. Also available are hoof trimming options with a drop bottom, body straps and head support table. Heavy-duty body straps can be adjusted hydraulically to hold animals up in the chute while the drop bottom is open. Bowman also carries circle working facilities, load out chutes, standard squeeze chutes and electronic scales. Trade-are accepted. For more information, call 877-521-9111 or visit

Country Cattle Web Marketing Tool
Joplin Regional Stockyards 417-548-2333

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The Joplin Regional Stockyards, Carthage, Mo., has unveiled a Country Cattle Web Marketing Tool webpage, which producers can use to help market their cattle. Although the page is under construction, once completed JRS will upload videos and still photographs of cattle for sale. Potential buyers can then bid on the cattle online. A stockyard's representative works with the buyer and seller to help complete the transaction. The company has 65 field representatives. For more information, call 417-548-2333 or visit

New Free Standing Windbreak Panel
Werk Welding Inc 800-987-7360

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A new 26-foot freestanding windbreak panel has been introduced by Werk Weld Inc., of Armour, S.D. The panel is designed to withstand harsh conditions while maximizing wind protection. The new five panel windbreak allows just enough wind to pass through to help prevent snow from piling up on the back side, while still giving ranchers wind protection for livestock. The panels weigh 1,000 pounds. The legs are set in from the ends to allow the panels to be placed in many configurations. For more information, call 800-987-7360 or visit

Pride of the Farm Insect-A-Sock
Hawkeye Steel Products Inc 800-553-1791

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Insect-A-Sock reduces horn fly, lice, tick and mosquito numbers on animals with a 2-inch diameter sock that attaches to the outside of the Pride of the Farm's mineral feeder flap. The flap is designed by the Pride of the Farm, Houghton, Iowa, to accept the sock, which is filled with acrylic fibers. Insecticide solution clings to the surface of the fibers. As one of the animals lifts the flap to eat mineral, the solution wicks away from the fibers to treat the face, head and shoulders. The flap and sock can be used on most competing mineral feeders that use a flap. The flap is 41 inches in diameter. For more information, call 800-553-1791 or visit

CattleMax cattle software
Cattlesoft, Inc 800-641-2343

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CattleMax, College Station, Texas, is a cattle management software designed for registered and commercial herds of all sizes. Users can track production records including breeding, pregnancy, calving, and weaning as well as other important animal data such as electronic identification, health treatments, pasture movements, and notes. Performance data including weights, heights, and body condition scores can be recorded manually or imported from spreadsheet. Registered breed association data maybe exchanged through interfacing. CattleMax Online can be accessed from any device with a web browser, including Windows PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. For more information, call 800-641-2343 or visit