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20230 Sage Oil Vac Skid
Sage Oil Vac 806-372-7559

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Sage Oil Vac's line of skid-mounted lube units offers utility with a new model that can be loaded in the back of the smallest of service vehicles. Made in Amarillo, Texas, at 500 pounds empty and with a 33.5-inch width, the Model 20230 Lube Skid can be loaded onto the back of a John Deere Gator or another small vehicle for easy operation at tight job sites and crowded fleet yards. For more information, call 806-273-7559 or visit

LECO - Motor sales and repair, ari compressor sales and repair etc.
Lubbock Electric Co.

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Lubbock Electric Co., Lubbock, Texas, offers sales, service and engineering for cotton gins. Since 1944, the company has a team of control system specialists, engineers, and technicians. During ginning season, LECO is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so that if something happens, help is a telephone call away. The company offers motor sales and repair, air compressor sales and repair, hydraulics, system integration, programmable logic controller systems, power transmission product, automation and data acquisition. LECO is also a distributor of Legacy Gin Saws. For more information, call 800-692-4474 or visit

MTM More Than Manure Nutrient manager
SFP 888-446-4769

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A Leawood, Kan.-based company has introduced More Than Manure nutrient manager, designed to protect phosphorus from lock up and nitrogen from leaching, volatilization and denitrification in applied manure. Through the use of SFP's polymer technology, MTM increases nutrient efficiency that can lead to yield increases and improves manure handling. It is formulated for uses in manures and litters, both liquid and dry. More Than Manure helps improve phosphorus availability for plant uptake by reducing the amount of element that gets locked up in the soil, which can become insoluble for long periods of time. Improved phosphorus and nitrogen efficiency can translate into larger root systems, more vigorous crop growth and better overall plant health. For more information, call 888-446-GROW or visit

Eliminating risks long term is not easy
Marl Carter Co 405-844-8787

An agricultural operator is faced with many risks. Most of these risks cannot be eliminated such as weather, health, commodity prices and costs. However, one risk that can be eliminated is the risk of higher interest cost by locking in a low rate at this time.

Marl Carter, who operates a mortgage company, has been assisting farm and range families with long-term loans for more than 30 years. He serves Oklahoma and surrounding states with loans being funded through major ag lenders, some who have been making ag loans for more than 50 years. He believes rates are at a level that an operator should take action now to “lock in” their interest for several years. He encourages potential applicants to call and learn more about the benefits that might improve their particular situation.

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Country Cattle Web Marketing Tool
Joplin Regional Stockyards 417-548-2333

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The Joplin Regional Stockyards, Carthage, Mo., has unveiled a Country Cattle Web Marketing Tool webpage, which producers can use to help market their cattle. Although the page is under construction, once completed JRS will upload videos and still photographs of cattle for sale. Potential buyers can then bid on the cattle online. A stockyard's representative works with the buyer and seller to help complete the transaction. The company has 65 field representatives. For more information, call 417-548-2333 or visit

Farmers National Company Announces New Forestry Consulting Business
Farmers National Company 402-496-3276 ext 2404

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Farmers National Company, Omaha, Neb., has added James Houser Consulting Foresters LLC, a forest resource management and consulting company in Jacksonville, Texas. The addition will expand FNC's services in a 24-state area. James Houser Consulting Foresters will lead the staff and operations. The new consulting service manages more than 200,000 acres of cropland in the East Texas market area with tracts ranging from 10 acres to 8,000 acres. Farmers National Company is the nation's leading agricultural farm and ranch management and agricultural real estate sales company. FNC manages more than 4,700 farms and ranches (representing 2 million acres) in 24 states. The company has sold more than 3,500 farms and more than $2.3 billion of real estate during the last five years. For more information, call 800-346-2650 or visit

Crop insurance, weather protection program available
A G Insurance 785-597-2444

A Perry, Kan., business offers a full-season program to supplement federal crop insurance to protect producers’ profits against yield loss due to adverse weather.

Angie Gantz of A G Insurance provided an outline of what producers should consider and what they can expect from Total Weather Insurance.

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Corn Stalk Net Wrap
Synthetic Resources Inc 620-983-2036

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Corn Stalk Farmers Netwrap is built to withstand tough baling conditions such as corn and milo stalks and other crop residue. Netwrap can be used on wheat straw bales for added strength. Corn stalk netting is only available in 64-inch and 67-inch widths. Netwrap increases production time, reduces wear and tear on equipment and maintains hay quality throughout the feeding season. Pretty Good Twine products are made by Synthetic Resources Inc., Peabody, Kan., and include Netwrap, plastic baler twine, hay tarps, silage film and hay preservative. Delivery trucks travel from Texas to North Dakota and Ohio to Colorado. For more information, call 800-552-3295 or visit

Acra Plant 800-798-1968

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A liquid fertilizer banding tube for John Deere single disk seed openers is available with Acra-Plant, which is manufactured in Hutchinson, Kan. The ACRA-Band offers banded nutrient placement next to the seed row. It also offers minimal soil disturbance, mess-free liquid fertilizer application, no orifice plugging, high-low dual position adjustment, low check valve position for minimal drip, and fits all John Deere no-till seed boot openers. The banding tubes include installation hardware, nylon tub and a liquid quick connection. For more information, call 800-798-1868 or visit

Allied Genetics introduces 19 new corn hybrids for 2014 planting
Allied Genetics 888-7898-2559

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Allied Genetics, Manilla, Iowa, has introduced 19 new corn hybrids for the 2014 planting season. The hybrids create additional product positioning opportunities for its expanding western Corn Belt customers. Allied offers genetic choice with relative maturities ranging from 90-day to 114-day, and available from a variety of Agrisure corn traits to conventional (non-GMO) options. Nearly all have good to excellent ratings against Goss' Wilt and other diseases common in the West. The hybrids are available for irrigated and dryland growing conditions. For more information, call 888-788-2559 or visit

New Free Standing Windbreak Panel
Werk Welding Inc 800-987-7360

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A new 26-foot freestanding windbreak panel has been introduced by Werk Weld Inc., of Armour, S.D. The panel is designed to withstand harsh conditions while maximizing wind protection. The new five panel windbreak allows just enough wind to pass through to help prevent snow from piling up on the back side, while still giving ranchers wind protection for livestock. The panels weigh 1,000 pounds. The legs are set in from the ends to allow the panels to be placed in many configurations. For more information, call 800-987-7360 or visit

Valley Irrigation 800-825-6668 ext 6477

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Valley Irrigation and AquaSpy have announced a collaboration to offer farmers advanced soil moisture monitoring technology. Valley SoilPro 1200, powered by AquaSpy, provides real-time data that tells growers how much water is needed at each stage of a crop's growth cycle. The technology allows farmers to make knowledgeable irrigation decisions about when and where inputs are needed to maximize yields. SoilPro 1200 probes will include 12 sensors that collect soil moisture data directly from the crop's root zones, up to 60 inches underground. The sensors will send out the moisture and salinity levels every three minutes. The data will be collected and analyzed, converted into actionable conclusions and delivered to a web browser. For more information, call 402-359-2201or visit

Multi-performance diesel fuel additive enters market
Texas Lubricants 806-762-6913

Multi-performance diesel fuel additive enters market

A Texas lubricant company has introduced DHP-10 as the next new generation of multifunctional and concentrated diesel fuel additive.

DHP-10 increases Cetane values for improved fuel efficiencies and economy. The additive cleans injectors and provides increased lubrication protection. The product minimizes deposit formation. The result is continuous fuel flow and improved fuel quality and performance. It also protects pumps and injectors from wear and premature failure. The additive has MT-10 metal treatment technology for added lubricity to the fuel while reducing friction from metal-to-metal contact.

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Sukup bin flooring
R&R Systems Inc 580-327-3786

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A new option for canola producers is now available with Sukup Bin Flooring. The Channel-Lok perforated plank is available with the standard 0.0945-inch diameter holes or 0.05-inch diameter holes, which his ideal for canola and other small grains. For more information contact R&R Systems Inc., Alva, Okla., at 580-327-3786 or visit

Pride of the Farm Insect-A-Sock
Hawkeye Steel Products Inc 800-553-1791

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Insect-A-Sock reduces horn fly, lice, tick and mosquito numbers on animals with a 2-inch diameter sock that attaches to the outside of the Pride of the Farm's mineral feeder flap. The flap is designed by the Pride of the Farm, Houghton, Iowa, to accept the sock, which is filled with acrylic fibers. Insecticide solution clings to the surface of the fibers. As one of the animals lifts the flap to eat mineral, the solution wicks away from the fibers to treat the face, head and shoulders. The flap and sock can be used on most competing mineral feeders that use a flap. The flap is 41 inches in diameter. For more information, call 800-553-1791 or visit