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Hydraulic Loading Chute by Moly Mfg. Inc
Moly Mfg. Inc 785-472-3388

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Moly Manufacturing, Lorraine, Kan., has introduced a new hydraulic loading chute that adjusts from 10 inches to 58 inches with the loading platform remaining horizontal at all times, lessening stress on animals as they enter and exit trucks. The hydraulics include a mechanical backup for safety. The loading chute may be separately purchased. Moly offers eight models of Silencer hydraulic squeeze chutes. The company makes Turret Gate, which repositions the gate behind waiting animals and lowers animal stress as they move without pressure from humans. Chute carriers, scales, circular fencing, alleys and transitions are available. For more information, call 785-472-3388 or visit

Aerators, Fountains and De-Icers
Air-O-Lator 800-821-3177

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When Mother Nature cannot maintain a sufficient amount of oxygen in the water naturally by means of sunlight, wind, or wave action, man-made aeration is needed to keep the water body clean and healthy. A pond or lake with unsightly algae growth or odor problems can be improved and maintained with environmentally friendly mechanical aeration and mixing equipment that reduces or eliminates the amount of chemical treatment. Airolator Deep Aire bottom mounted diffused aeration system creates a healthy pond by taking oxygen to the pond's lowest depth. The system uses an air compressor, located on the shore, which delivers oxygen through a hose to a special diffuser lying on the pond bottom. Depending on the body of water depth and shape, various motors and models are available from the Kansas City, Mo.-based company, with a deluxe kit that includes a lockable cabinet with electrical box/outlet, shock mounts, pressure gauge, and cooling fan. For more information, call 800-821-3177, or visit

Modern Improved Forage Crabgrasses
Elstel Farm & Seeds 580-223-8782

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Dalrymple Farm (doing business as Elstel Farm and Seeds) of Thomas, Okla., produces, processes and sells seed of Red River and Quick-N-Big crabgrasses varieties in the Oklahoma Crop Improvement Association, certified seed class and sometimes as non-certified seed. Both varieties are relatively big types of full summer and forage crabgrass capable of growing 2 to more than 3 feet tall under good conditions and Quick-N-Big has been measured to grow up to 58 inches tall. The long-term average daily gain from sale barn stocker cattle at Noble Foundation in Ardmore, Okla., showed a 1.85 average daily gain with some cases being 2 to more than 2.5 ADG. The grasses are used in many forage mixtures and can double crop with many winter annual grasses. For more information, call 580-670-0043 or visit

National Beef Cookoff Winner
American National Cattle Women

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Abbie Argersinger, Austin, Texas, was announced on Nov. 2 as the $25,000 grand prize winner in this year's National Beef Cook-Off, funded by the Beef Checkoff Program and managed by the American National CattleWomen, at the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show in Washington, D.C. Her Cali-Avocado Steak Salad, which served two people, required just eight ingredients with total cook and preparation time was listed as 30 minutes. Argersinger is pictured with chef Timothy Dean (the top chef finalist who was the master of ceremonies on the cooking stage), Evelyn Brown, Cullman, Ala., who demonstrated the winning recipe, and ANCW president Barbara Jackson, Tucson, Ariz. For more information about the winning recipe, call 303-694-0313 or visit

Engine Kits for Agricultural & Industrial use
Don's Diesel 800-345-6513

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A family-operated business in Lawrence, Kan., Don's Diesel sells brand-name diesel engine parts for agricultural equipment as well as the industrial and truck industries. Among the brand name products include MAHLE Clevite, Perfect Circle, Federal Mogul, Sealed Power and FP Diesel engine parts, as well as Fel Pro and Victor gaskets. Replacement parts are available for Catterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel and Navistar truck engines. Don's Diesel has electronic engine kits with articulated pistons. For more information, call 800-345-6513 or visit

Specializes in developing products that solve tough problems for planters and JD no-till drills.
RK Products Inc 309-792-1927

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A family owned and operated company, RK Products Inc., East Moline, Ill., for the past 19 years has specialized in developing products that solve problems associated with planters and John Deere no-till drills. Among the products is a gauge wheel arm pivot kit for planters that solves the problem of excessive wear on the gauge wheel arm pivot. RKP also markets a durable closing wheel frame pivot kit that uses easily replaceable ball bearings. The company has a gauge wheel mud scraper and developed the first durable speed tube guard. RKP entered the field of no-till drills by adapting its gauge wheel arm pivot kit for planters to the original 750 closing wheel arm pivot. RKP has developed improved sleeve bearing kits for closing and press wheel arm pivots for later models. For more information, call 800-580-6818 or visit

Westfield's MKX160 Grain Auger
AGI - Westfields 204-489-1855 ext 243

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Manufactured in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Westfield's has introduced its MKX 160 series commercial grade auger that can move grain at a rate of 23,000 bushels per hour with a low profile hopper and "A" frame construction. The auger, which has a diameter of 16 inches, has a low profile hopper with accessible drive components for maintenance. The U-joints have external grease zerks. The sealed spout and boot has accessible panels and clean out area. Other design features meet the producers' bins and tractor horsepower. The versatile auger is designed to be safely transported. For more information, call 204-489-1855, Ext. 243, or visit

600 Gallon Rear Mount Sprayer
Demco 800-543-3626

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Demco has introduced a 600-gallon, three-point mounted sprayer available with a 60-, 80- or 90-foot front gold boom. The tank has a large centered drainage sump with jet agitation. The sprayer mounts close to the tractor and has a narrow transport with that is compact. The Boyden, Iowa, company is celebrating its 50th year in 2014. For more information, call 800-543-3626 or visit

Lindsay Announces NFTrax Airless Wheel Assembly
EG Integrated 402-515-9384

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Lindsay Corporation, maker of Zimmatic irrigation systems, Omaha, Neb., now offers NFTrax, an airless wheel assembly with greater traction and improved track maintenance. NFTrax is an airless design that will never go flat and keeps wheel ruts to a minimum. The wheel's steel core vulcanized rubber track is tensioned over 10 drive points. In contrast, standard pneumatic and solid tires apply greater pressure to the middle of the track base as they roll, generating a deeper trough for runoff. NFTrax applies more even pressure across the entire belt surface, forming a flatter and shallower imprint. Lindsay is a provider of automated mechanical move irrigation equipment and of transportation safety products. For more information, see a dealer or visit

Entrepreneur combines auction tradition with technology
AgAuctions LLC 620-282-2226

With his roots planted firmly in both the auction business as well as the agricultural sector in southwest Kansas, Scott Brown has seen many changes over the years. Scott, along with his son, Jamie, and a another employee have launched a business to provide a new approach to agricultural auctions.

They have founded AgAuctions, LLC. Greensburg, Kan., to combine traditional farm sales with the technology of Internet-based auctions.

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Bowman Standard Tilt Chute
Bowman Livestock Equipment Co 877-521-9111

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The Bowman Standard Tilt Chute, made in Herington, Kan., is a fully hydraulic operation, from the “scissor type” entrance and exit doors, along with squeeze bottom and squeeze sides that help save time and provides less stress on animals. Also available are hoof trimming options with a drop bottom, body straps and head support table. Heavy-duty body straps can be adjusted hydraulically to hold animals up in the chute while the drop bottom is open. Bowman also carries circle working facilities, load out chutes, standard squeeze chutes and electronic scales. Trade-are accepted. For more information, call 877-521-9111 or visit

Diamond T Truck & Trailer Inc Largest Inventories of Semi Trailers in Midwest
Thies Transportation Inc 800-963-1108 ext 13

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Diamond T Truck and Trailer, Beatrice, Neb., maintains a large inventory of semi-trailers and has a knowledgeable sales staff, rental and financing options as well as a complete service department. Diamond T Truck and Trailer is associated with Thies Transportation and JT Leasing Inc., and is located at 18550 N. Highway 77. For more information, call 800-963-1108, ext. 13, or visit

Teacher resources, Agri-Tag
KS Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom 785-320-4350

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Two teachers are pictured inspecting insects during a 2013 Manhattan, Kan., summer course. The Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom and Kansas State University offer the course to Kansas teachers every summer. During its first three decades, KFAC developed educator guides for first, third and fifth grades. The Exploring Plants guide features 38 Kansas crops and several new units. The educator's guides and their corresponding student magazine, Kansas Kids Connection, are available at no charge to educators. KFAC offers a series of Be Ag-Wise workshops for educators and volunteers working in classrooms across the state as a joint project with the Kansas Farm Bureau. The curriculum is designed to supplement teachers' requirements and materials align with state curriculum standards. For more information, call 785-320-4350 or visit

Grain corn and soybeans
Mycogen Seeds 317-337-4597

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Mycogen Seeds, Indianapolis, Ind., has introduced 37 new corn hybrids and 17 new soybean varieties for the 2014 growing season. Many of the products feature advanced trait technologies and agronomic qualities for High Plains growers and includes corn hybrids and soybean varieties. The corn varieties are engineered for a variety of issues including drought tolerance, no-till and reduced till operations, tolerance to certain diseases. Among the traits in the soybean lines have also been engineered for variable soil types, tolerance to sudden death syndrome, high salt content and protection against frogeye leaf spot and soybean cyst nematode protection. For more information, see a dealer or visit

Real estate firm sells Sandhills ranch for $4 million
Hall & Hall 970-716-2120

The 6,352-acre Bliss Ranch about 15 miles west of Valentine in the well-known Sandhills of Nebraska area sold on Oct. 22 at an absolute auction for $4,081,000 to a local buyer.

Valentine, Neb., is well known for its cattle industry. The ranch had heavy grass and is in area that traditionally receives substantial rainfall, making it an ideal cattle operation, said Scott Shuman of Hall and Hall Auctions office in Eaton, Colo.

The property has a 1,415-square-foot ranch-style home with four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

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