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Unveils redesigned ergonomic cab in 2014 Apache Sprayers
Equipment Technologies 800-861-2142

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Mooresville, Ind.-based Equipment Technologies' 2014 line of Apache sprayers create an ergonomic cab that can deliver applications at the fingertips of the operator. Equipped with pre-installed dashboard apps displayed on a 7-inch interactive color touchscreen, the ET Pilot System puts the operator in control. He can track transmission, fuel economy, slope readouts and engine torque output. The operator can use a rearview camera, run a diagnostic report on the machine's transmission and undertake precision options. Equipped in 2014 Apache cabs, are “plug-and-play” ISOBUS technology that allow owners to connect any ISOBUS-compatible field computer system to the ET Pilot System. Standard design enhancements include: operator foot throttle, audio-infotainment system, re-optimized heating and air conditioning system and multiple in-cab storage compartments. Customizable factory installed options include: custom leather seat with heated seat controls, fill station flow meter, improved chemical mixture process, high output lighting package and Raven Viper 4 field computer. For more information, see a dealer or visit

Miller Nitro -Simpson Frm is now a Miller Dealer for the state of Kansas
Simpson Farm Enterprises Inc 888-228-3611

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Simpson Farm Enterprises, Inc., which has central Kansas stores in Ransom, Great Bend, Hays and Beloit, has been assigned the dealership for Miller Nitro field sprayers as well as GC40 and GC75 Condors. Marketing to both agricultural and commercial applicators, Miller St. Nazianz officials said Simpson Farm Enterprises is the ideal dealer. Jeff Boos, Miller territory manager, will work with the dealerships to help them introduce the Miller Nitro 5000 Series and Condor. In addition to the Miller sprayer line, Simpson Farm Enterprises is a dealer for Equipment Technologies that builds the Apache Sprayer. For more information, contact one of the Simpson locations or visit

Mineral management program designed to use less organic trace minerals
Alltech 605-692-5310

Global animal health leader Alltech has launched a mineral management program that aims to help customers feed less organic trace minerals to their livestock and get optimal performance results.

The company formed a global mineral management team to focus on providing solutions and support while introducing a modern nutrition application. By creating a network of mineral consultants and researchers around the world, they will be delivering technologies to address today’s nutritional and environmental mineral concerns. This approach encompasses all of the company’s efforts to redefine organic trace mineral nutrition by educating the feed industry about Total Replacement Technology and to no longer address single mineral-related issues but overall mineral nutrition challenges.

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Restoring interior of tractor cab has health benefit, company says
Fehr Cab Interiors 815-692-3355

According to recent health studies, it is estimated a third of United States farmers suffer from hearing loss. Farmers spend long harvest time hours working in tractor cabs that are louder than necessary, which can cause long-term hearing loss, according to officials from a Fairbury, Ill.-based company.

Fehr Cab Interiors can help make the cab environment become quieter and cleaner. If a tractor is more than 15 years old, the owner may want to look at restoration.

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Real Estate Auctions
CJ Auctions 918-550-8118

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CJ Auctions, LLC, is a real estate auction company based in Tulsa, Okla. Co-founders Ronn Cunningham and Eric Johnson have a combined 40 years experience in the business. CJ Auctions specialize in farm and ranch properties and the company offers solutions for liquidating property for clients. For more information, call 918-550-8118 or visit

Nutra Flo 605-217-2018

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Nutra-Flo, a provider of starter and foliar applied liquid fertilizers, has launched a new micronutrients line of products. The MicroSolutions line of chelated micronutrients has top efficiency, which means growers can use less product per acre to achieve the same results as compared to non-chelated nutrients. Growers can blend MicroSolutions micronutrients with liquid fertilizer to help correct or prevent micronutrient deficiencies. Available in 2.5-gallon jugs, 250-gallon totes or in bulk, the new MicroSolutions micronutrients are compatible with all types of fertilizers including 100 percent orthophosphates and many herbicides and insecticides. Nutra-Flo is based in North Sioux City, S.D. For more information, contact a fertilizer dealer or visit

Kinze 4900 Planter
Kinze Manufacturing 319-668-1300

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With a narrow transport front-fold frame design, 30-inch row spacing, and a choice of 12, 16, or 24 rows, the Kinze 4900 planter has a seed meter that offers 99 percent accuracy at speeds from 2 to 8 miles per hour. The meter is available with contact drive, hydraulic drive and electric product made by Kinze Manufacturing Inc., Williamsburg, Iowa. A high torque, 24-volt motors allow for precise seed rate control by row. Farmers will get consistent seed spacing from the inside row to the outside row--even on tight radius turns and contours. With the bulk fill tank design, the 16- and 24-row planters offer 120-bushel capacity while the 12-row offers 90-bushel capacity. The planter frame incorporates hydraulic weight transfer, which minimizes potential compaction and ensures the row units provide a consistent seed depth while moving across the field. Engineers incorporated a flip-axle option the 24-row planter to reduce hitch weight and make it easy to move in and out of fields. The toolbar has been raised to provide higher in-field clearance. For more information, contact a dealer or visit

Vemeer Reveals new Mower Conditioner Line - MC2800, MC3300 and MC3700
Vermeer Corporation 641-621-8339

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Vermeer, of Pella, Iowa, has introduced a mower conditioner line that combines productivity, flexibility and convenience into one package. Three models are available--the MC2800 (9.1 feet), MC3300 (10.5 feet) and MC3700 (12 feet) mower conditioners. A Q3 cutter bar requires less horsepower while providing shear protection. The modular, shaft-driven Q3 cutter bar helps make this line more fuel-efficient with minimal gear-to-gear interface, requiring less horsepower than gear bed style cutter bars. Innovations simplify changing blades and repairing a sheared device. Operators can customize suspension settings for their specific field conditions with a simple turn of a lever, resulting in less cutter bar weight on the ground and less stress on the header. An option of either a steel roller or v-tine conditioner is available on the models. For more information, contact a dealer or visit

Iowa planter manufacturer launches 'sparks of innovation'
Kinze Manufacturing inc 319-277-1710

Kinze Manufacturing, Inc. is launching a blog called “Sparks of Innovation.”

The blog will feature stories and information from all the departments within Kinze Manufacturing, Williamsburg, Iowa, and will focus on the spirit of innovation that has driven the company since its start. Bloggers will include company leaders and will occasionally feature additional employees who have a story to tell.

&8220;The ideas and innovation behind our products affect the way we operate. The narrative of how my dad started our business in 1965 continues to resonate with our employees and customers today,” said Susanne (Kinzenbaw) Veatch, vice president and chief marketing officer. “Our new blog will enable us to continue to tell the Kinze story to our customers and partners.”

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End of Pivot Sprinkler R55A
Nelson Irrigation Corporation 509-524-7415

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The Nelson Irrigation Corporation's R55A end of pivot sprinkler product works in the low-pressure range of 15 to 30 pounds per square inch and provides up to 10 additional acres of coverage on a quarter mile pilot without the use of a booster pump. The low trajectory streams and large droplets penetrate the wind and resist evaporation and drift. The R55A has a wear-resistant plate, four color coded nozzles, cast aluminum body and standard 1.25-inch threads and a nozzle that can separate from the body by pulling a single pin. For more information from the Walla, Walla, Wash.-based company, call 509-525-7660 or visit

Mixer Center Shop On Wheels
Mixer Center 254-965-3663

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The Mixer Center has new or used equipment as well parts and service for mixer wagons, trucks, manure spreaders and tanks. Financing for as low as 3.95 percent is available. The Mixer Center has locations in Stephenville, Dalhart and Friona, Texas, and Roswell, N.M., and has a 24-hour emergency service department open every day. Rentals are also available. For more information, call 254-965-3663 or visit

ZamZow Mfg. Co. Inc. 816-483-5213

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Zamzow Manufacturing Co. has been serving the agricultural industry for more than 95 years with tarps and accessories for all major brands. Zamzow, with offices in Kansas City, Mo., and St. Louis, features Roll Rite roll over and side-to-side kits as well as Aero electric tarp systems and Kwik-Lock roll tarps. In addition, Zamzow has heavy duty replacement tarps as well as parts and accessories. For more information, call 816-483-5213 or 314-231-5034 or visit

Circle R Side Dump Introduces New Trailer: 37' SuperCube Dump Body
Thurston Mfg. Co 402-385-3041

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Circle R Side Dump has added a 37-foot SuperCube dump body to its lineup of trailers. The trailer offers a 26.1-cubic yard capacity and 42.6-cubic yard capacity when a high-capacity kit is installed. The SuperCube is available on a 44-foot chassis with axle options of a tri-axle, quad-axle or quint-axle, which allows operators to maximize hauling potential in their state. QuickLoad AirWeigh Scales are standard equipment on trailers with the new 37-foot dump body. The scale converts air pressure in the air springs into accurate on-the-ground weight, eliminating check-weigh fees and overweight fines. For more information, call 800-658-3127 or visit

New Case IH Ecolo-Tiger 875 For Heavy Residue, Level Output
Case IH 262-636-7359

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The Case IH Ecolo-Tiger 875 disk ripper offers durability, agronomics and ease of use. High-density Tiger points, standard earth metal blades and a hydraulically controlled double-edged reel help the new disk ripper handle the heaviest residue, toughest soils and a wide range of field and weather conditions. The Tiger points run under hardpan compaction and deliver a lift, twist and roll action to eliminate soil compaction with less draft. The metal blades are designed to be 30 percent stronger and last up to 20 percent longer. An aquant powder coat paint finish provides 400 percent more resistance to impact, scratching and paint fading when compared to earlier models. The 875 features newly designed endless gussets, single-point depth control and deluxe wheel bearings. Gang disk blades feature a new scraper to shield against foreign matter accumulation in the C-hanger. For more information, contact a dealer or visit

Two Way Radio Communications
TBS Electronics, Inc 785-862-7450

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TBS Electronics, Inc. provides two-way radio communication needs by maintaining a large inventory of radios, accessories, and parts to respond to customer inquiries and promptly ship orders from its Topeka, Kan., headquarters. Many two-way radio users have lost range due to the recent Federal Communications Commission mandate to narrowband operation. Digital radios will help with better range and other features. People can call trade-in promotions and manufacturer rebates at 800-530-5550 or visit