Kansas FFA Association

School Safety Grants

In an effort to promote school safety and the Kansas School Safety Hotline, we are funding School Safety Grants during the 2004-05 school year. Everyone is aware that school safety is essential in the educational process and we hope that these small grants will help.

Grants are available as follows:
1A and 2A Schools * $ 200
3A and 4A Schools * $ 300
5A and 6A Schools * $ 400

Attached is a copy of the grant application which has been made available to chief school administrators and high school principals.

Each grant application must be approved by the chief school administrator/board of education prior to submission.

As you will note, the grant applications are due in this office by October 1, 2004. All applications will be reviewed and funds awarded by November 1, 2004. The grant award funds will be allocated to the local board of education on behalf of the schools selected. Any grant received by a school must be spent on school safety and the Kansas School Safety Hotline activities in accordance with the project/plan which was approved.

Each school receiving a school safety grant award will be required to submit a one-page summary of the success/effectiveness of their project due in this office May 2, 2005. Attached is a School Grant Evaluation form to be used for this reporting.

If you have questions concerning the School Safety Grant Applications, please contact Dale M. Dennis at ddennis@ksde.org or (785) 296-3871

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