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Youth (4-H & FFA) Livestock Nominations

FFA members planning to exhibit livestock at the Kansas State Fair and Kansas Junior Livestock Show must follow the guidelines below.  In many counties, 4-H agents and FFA advisors work together to assist the youth in getting their animal properly nominated and entered.

*A nomination is documentation that an exhibitor has owned, possessed, and cared for their animal(s) since a certain date in order to show at the Kansas State Fair and/or Kansas Junior Livestock Show. These are nominations, NOT entries. Entries for both shows will come later in August and September. All market and commercial animals require a nomination but registered (with association papers) do not require a nomination. In order for a nomination to be complete they need to include:

(1) Household Nomination Declaration Form - each family that has one or more exhibitor nominating livestock needs to have this form. All youth who could possibly exhibit the animal(s) at the show must sign AND initial this form. A parent signature and agent/FFA advisor signature must be present, as well. 

(2) Specie Nomination Form - there is a different form for each specie (and 2 for beef). Market Beef, Commercial Heifer, Swine, Lamb, and Meat Goat. These forms require exhibitors to write in their 5-digit 4-H ear tag number AND place the sticker of their EID bar code. All exhibitors, a parent, and agent/FFA advisor must sign this form. 

(3) DNA Hair Envelopes - all nominated animals must have a hair sample placed in an OFFICIAL  envelope. They can be ordered through the KSRE bookstore. If a hair sample is placed in a regular envelope and the animal information is simply written on the blank envelope, it will be returned. Exhibitor signatures and a parent signature are required on EACH envelope, but an agent/advisor signature is not required. 

(4) Nomination Fee - exhibitors must pay an $8.00 per animal fee. If the $8.00 fee is not provided for all animals listed on the nomination form, only the number of animals that are paid for will be considered eligible until the fees are provided. Checks can be made out to "Kansas Junior Livestock Show" or "KJLS".

Deadlines: Market beef nominations are due (postmarked) by May 1. All other nominations are due (postmarked) by June 15. This year June 15 falls on a Sunday, therefore we will accept nominations postmarked on Monday, June 16. If a nomination is received within 10 days of the original deadline, it can be accepted. The YLP office will send a letter to the agent/advisor and the family explaining the late nomination process and will require a signature and $15 late fee. The family will be put on a probation list, which means if they are late in submitting nominations again in the future they will be ineligible to show. Signatures of exhibitors, parents, and agents/advisors is required in order for the nomination to be complete. If a nomination is received later than 10 days after the deadline, it will not be accepted. 

Youth PQA Certification: All youth intending to exhibit swine at the Kansas State Fair and/or Kansas Junior Livestock Show are required to have a PQA number. To be certified, youth must partake in an educational session or take an exam about pork production and animal handling/care. Once they have completed either of these, the PQA trainer will enter their information into the pork checkoff website database and a number will be provided. Please note that if any youth participated in the Jr. Swine Producer Day PQA session in February 2013, they were only certified for one year and their certification will expire by the end of February 2014. On the Swine Nomination form, there are lines provided to enter each exhibitors individual PQA number.  Please do your best to make sure your youth are certified before the June 15 nomination deadline. If a nomination is received without the PQA number, it is considered incomplete.

Corrections: If a nomination is incomplete for any reason (missing signatures, lack of DNA, no fee, etc.), a one-time $10 incomplete nomination fee will be charged to the nominating family. The YLP office will return the incomplete nomination with a letter explaining why it is incomplete. The exhibitor then has one month to return the nomination with the $10 fee in order to be eligible to show (market beef corrections are due June 1 and all other nominations corrections are due July 15). These rules may be a bit strict but the number of nominations received that are incomplete is very frustrating for the YLP coordinator. We encourage exhibitors to have agents/advisors double check their nomination forms before they are sent. One of the most common errors made is not having both youth and parent INITIALS on the nomination declaration form. It is a very minor detail, but with no initials it tells us the parents and youth have failed to read the rules and guidelines for the nomination process. Throughout my three years of processing nominations, we receive less incomplete paperwork each year and I attribute that to agents, adivisors, and office professionals for making sure those nominations are complete before they are sent. Thank you! 

Household Name & KSU Family ID Number: These are the same number - in the past it has been labeled a different title for state fair entries but we hope this has now been resolved. If not, know that they are the same. Each family has a four digit number and each individual has their own two digit number that follows. For example, the John Smith Family has the number 1234 and the three children who show in that family are assigned the numbers 1234-01, 1234-02, 1234-03. I have provided a list of Family names and numbers on the website for your convince, however if a families name/number is not on there don't panic. Just send in the forms with the family name and we will look up the number. If this is the first year for a family to nominate, we will assign them a number when the nomination is received. 

Checking Nominated Livestock: Once nominations are received and entered into the database, updated reports will be put on the website for offices and families to check their nominations. Please remember that letters are sent to the families telling them whether their nominations are complete or not. If incomplete, the letter will explain what they need to do. Calling the YLP office to ask what is incomplete will only cause the entering of nominations into the database to take longer - the letters to the families will explain. I know that many agents frequently look at these reports throughout the nomination season and remind their families to submit their corrections and I thank you for that! This past year I was able to update these reports on a daily basis, however please be patient with this year as website management has changed and the coordinator will have to have others upload the reports for them.

I know this is a lot of information, especially for those of you who are new to the nomination world, but please don't hesitate to email me with questions. You may not realize the work load it is to take on such as task, but it is very overwhelming for just one or two people. Come June, we receive hundreds of envelopes a day and we do the best we can to process them in a timely manner. Best of luck with the beginning of this great season and don't be afraid to encourage your nominators to get their paper work in early! :)

Remember, all forms and information are located on the program website www.YouthLivestock.KSU.edu

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