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SAE Grants

To help provide resources for teachers and students to complete SAE grant, we developed some videos that you may want to use that help detail the process.  The first two videos are general student and teacher instructions while the others are help on a particular page of SAE grant.  See the following:

General help videos that begin from AgCN and then onto the SAE grant application.

SAE Grant Application for Students - http://learn.theaet.com/default.aspx?ID=26394

SAE Grant Application for Teachers - http://learn.theaet.com/default.aspx?ID=26395

(Both of these are linked the instructions page of the grant application).  

These are videos for each page of the grant to provide more help on each page.  

SAE Grant Budget - http://learn.theaet.com/default.aspx?ID=26570

SAE Grant Budget Narrative - http://learn.theaet.com/default.aspx?ID=26571

SAE Grant Selection - http://learn.theaet.com/default.aspx?ID=26572

SAE Grant Plan Details - http://learn.theaet.com/default.aspx?ID=26573

SAE Grant Student Checklist - http://learn.theaet.com/default.aspx?ID=26574

SAE Grant Advisor Submission - http://learn.theaet.com/default.aspx?ID=26575

SAE Grant Parent Approval - http://learn.theaet.com/default.aspx?ID=26576

One major change for this year, in order to be considered for multiple award areas students must complete an electronic application for each award area. A reminder that we generally get applications from only half the state associations!

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