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New/Updated CDE Resources

New CDE resource for agricultural technology and mechanical systems available in the FFA Core catalog. Below you can find a description of the resource.

Agricultural Technical Systems and Mechanics ©2013 helps prepare individuals for the agricultural mechanics work environment through the application of problem-solving skills and a basic knowledge of agricultural machinery and equipment repair and maintenance. This well-illustrated textbook also presents the proper use of hand tools and power equipment, the construction and maintenance of agricultural structures and fencing, the operation of plumbing and irrigation systems, and the principles behind mechanical, electrical, solar, and wind power. The book addresses the primary knowledge and skills required for success in the Power, Structural and Technical Systems (PST) career pathway as identified in the National Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (AFNR) Career Cluster Standards. Technical knowledge and skills as well as communication, teamwork, and leadership skills enable individuals to participate in the FFA® agricultural mechanics career development event (CDE). The textbook includes an Interactive DVD that features learning tools to reinforce and enhance content knowledge and skills.

Included in this resource series are the following tools:

·         AMP-C, Ag Mechanics Textbook and DVD ($96)

·         AMPRG-C, Ag Mechanics Instructors Resource Guide and DVD ($260)*

·         AMPSG-C, Ag Mechanics Study Guide ($26)*

·         AMP-AK, Ag Mechanics Answer Key ($12)*

*These items are out of stock until the end of the month, so please check the site then to place your order.

Here are a few other helpful and popular resources located in the FFA Core catalog:

·         NCQ-12, 2012 CDE Questions and Answers ($49)

·         PSM-11, Poultry Science Manual ($40)

·         Intelliprep Retail Meat resources (revised in 2012):

o   IP-FG-RM-12, Field Guide ($35)

o   IP-FC-RM-12, Flashcards ($55)

o   ICP-RM-12, Instructor Combo Pack ($270)

o   TCP-RM-12, Team Combo Pack ($365)

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