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Official FFA Manual Changes

For the past several years various committees have held discussions around what is best for the future of the Official FFA Manual. As our stakeholders submerge in technology, they are expecting more from us. In addition to the need for increased use of technology, printing and translation costs both continue to rise. With this in mind, we evaluated the process and determined a recommendation for moving forward based on user input.

An online survey was conducted of a random sampling of Official FFA Manual purchasers. Survey participants included annual purchasers, those who purchase every couple years and sporadic manual purchasers. Based on the results of the online survey, below is our plan for moving forward with the Official FFA Manual (English & Spanish versions) revision and delivery processes.
English version
o We will continue to sell the Official FFA Manual - English version through the Gold/Core catalog.
o We will do a thorough revision for the 2013-2014 Official FFA Manual. This will include a complete revision as done in years past. We will cut and rework the sections mentioned below.
o Both the Spanish and English versions of the Official FFA Manual will be posted on FFA.org for free via PDF and flip book software. Users will be able to take the posted PDF and open it in their e-reader of choice for no extra cost.
o After the 2013-2014 revision, the Official FFA Manual will be revised every other year.
o The date will be removed from the cover artwork and a long-term cover design will be established

Per the survey results the following sections will be omitted from the Official FFA Manual. Some of these sections will in turn be placed online at FFA.org. This way information that changes more often or that changes on a different timeline than the revision cycle, will be updated as needed online. This will eliminate issues we have dealt with in the past with some items being outdated as soon as the manual was printed every year.

o National FFA Operations: This section will be removed from the manual. This includes the short descriptions with the National FFA Headquarters Operations & National FFA Center Operations, organization chart, division and team descriptions.
o National FFA Alumni Council (current page 64)
o National FFA Board of Directors (current page 71-72)
o National FFA Foundation Board of Trustees (current Page 72-73)
o Image of National Officers (Current Page 4)

Spanish version:
o Conduct a complete professional Spanish translation for the 2013-2014 Official FFA Manual.
o The Spanish version of the Official FFA Manual will not be printed due to low demand. (available in PDF)
o The Spanish version will be professionally translated every four years.
o Updates will be made annually by internal review and translation.

Thank you for your understanding and support as we strive to provide the most current information in the most impactful format. If you have any questions or concerns about the changes mentioned above, please contact me at kkasting@ffa.org. We look forward to an exciting new era with the Official FFA Manual.

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