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Young Heroes

February 17, 2005

The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes seeks nominations for its 2005 awards. The Barron Prize honors young people ages 8 to 18 who have shown leadership and courage in public service to people and our planet. Each year, ten national winners each receive $2,000 read more »

Spring Area Meetings

February 10, 2005

Spring must be right around the corner because it is time for those famous KSDE/KAAE Spring Area Meetings. You will not want to miss your area meeting this year, as I will be giving away a door prize in each district valued at $1000 - read more »

NPR Story on Proposed Cuts to Vocational Education

February 10, 2005

A story about the Bush administration's proposed budget cuts for vocational education was broadcast Wednesday, February 9 on NPR's "Morning Edition." It references elimination of the "billion dollars" in funding for vocational education, redirecting these funds to general grants. The spot mentions a number of read more »


February 10, 2005

The NAAE Board of Directors met last week in Indianapolis in conjunction with the National Ag Ed Inservice. Several decisions were made that affect our membership and we would like to share some of the highlights of the meeting with our members. NAAE/ACTE National Convention read more »


February 10, 2005

1. The standard jackets in the new fit will be available with new orders starting August 1, 2005. 2. Starting immediately, when a tailored jacket is ordered by any member, we will be using the new patterns instead of the old ones. Attached are the read more »

Insurance for county fair animals

February 10, 2005

Our fair board is considering trying to provide some coverage for animals that are to be shown at the county fair. Would you please forward this to everyone in the state so that if there are other county that do this we can find out read more »

Friday Focus

February 4, 2005

Recruitment "Recipe for Success" FFA Week is February 20th-26th! This means that several chapters will be conducting FFA membership recruitment and retainment programs. The following is the FFA's "Recipe for Success" to prospecting new members. Identify your audience. Try to limit the activity to a read more »

2005 State Agronomy CDE Modification

February 2, 2005

Please note that in the 2005 Rules/ID list that your old TAM 107 and Arlin plant and seed samples can be re-labelled as Jagger and Trego respectively. While not truly identical, the ID characteristis are red glumes, awned HRW and white glumes, awned, Hard white, read more »

John Deere Job Posting Website

February 2, 2005

There has always been a shortage for technicians in the agricultural arena. No one knows that better than a John Deere dealer. With that in mind John Deere Ag Division started the Ag-Tech program to train individuals to go to work at John Deere dealerships read more »

Block Scheduling

February 2, 2005

Our high school principal has requested that we start a committee to look into adopting block scheduling for the 05-05 school year. I am asking anyone who has or has been involved with a block schedule to email me with their thought, concerns, or ideas read more »

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