High Plains Journal: Sorghum U

Sorghum U

Weed resistance still pestering sorghum

Cold, hard steel used to be the end all for weeds in many crops. Many farmers now rely on herbicides to fit with their no-till practices. Sorghum producers don’t have many options that work on weeds in their crops, and those that work are expensive.

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Farmers learn about sorghum economics

Bill Golden, research assistant professor, Kansas State University Department of Agricultural Economics, spoke to farmers about the economic aspects of growing sorghum at the Sorghum U events in Salina and Dodge City, Kansas.

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Improving fertility helps sorghum yields

Farmers may not consider fertility especially important for their sorghum acres, but those who are successfully growing the crop know that good fertility backed by consistent soil sampling will pay off in the bin.

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Forage sorghums offer feeding options

Start with the end in mind when looking for suitable forage to feed to livestock. Forage sorghums can fit in many instances.

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Farmer panelists talk sorghum in practice

Sorghum production practices are as widely varied as the farmland on which the crop grows and the farmers who plant and harvest it.

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Sugarcane aphid becomes more than harvest issue

A tiny, white insect is causing more problems with sorghum crops than first suspected three years ago. Then, the sugarcane aphid was considered to be a hindrance at harvest. Now, it can lead to wrecked yields.

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