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Welcome to the coverage of the 2012
Small Grain Solutions program

Nine years after the beginning of Small Grain Solutions program, there are both old and new issues on the minds of producers. Technology continues to improve at a rapid rate, but producers are still dealing with Mother Nature and the hand she deals. The SGS tour this year went to Clinton, Okla., Dodge City, Kan., and Salina, Kan.

The program during the event was excellent and for those of you that weren’t in attendance, we have written a special section covering the event. High Plains Journal and John Deere are pleased to be able to offer this information to you.

Holly Martin
Editor, High Plains Journal
SMALL GRAINS—(Clockwise from the top) John Deere Solutions Specialists Jennifer Collins and Brian Ganske scout wheat with Butch Irsik near Ingalls, Kan. Muddy conditions in Kansas were a welcome sight. Collins scouts a field of winter canola north of Clinton, Okla. The wheat crop is incredibly early this year, with predictions of harvest starting in early to mid-May. High Plains Journal Publisher Tom Taylor meets speaker Jay Lehr. (Journal photos by Jennifer M. Latzke.)