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Hunting Country Real Esta
432 Oklahoma Blvd
Alva, OK

1,600 ac Comanche co KS    ...$2,592,000
720 ac Barber co KS............$1,080,000
5,900 ac. Woodward co OK..$5,843,970
3,000 ac ......$2,250,000Under Contract
2,280 ac Woodward co OK..$2,394,000
1,273 ac .....$1,519,962 Under Contract
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National Headquarters - Alva, OK 580-327-4440
Shane Terrel 580-327-7889


Cropland● Native Pasture● Existing Alfalfa Crop● Excellent Hunting● Lake Creek
Friday, May 2, 2014 @ 10:00 a.m.

SALE LOCATION: Dacoma School House (Main St.)
     Dacoma Oklahoma 73731

Tract 1: (80 acres m/l) Farm is located 1 mile NW of Dacoma, Oklahoma. Quality farm with favorable soils suitable for production of small grain and alfalfa. 58 acres currently planted to alfalfa; 7 acres of bluestem grass; the balance of the farm in native grass and trees. Lake Creek travels through the west end of the property and offers excellent whitetail deer hunting. USDA info: 65.1 acres of cropland; 64 acre wheat base with 32 bushel yield. Legal Desc: N/2NE of Section 3-25N-13W Woods County Oklahoma.
Tract 2: (40 acres m/l) Farm is located 1 mile S of Dacoma, Oklahoma with a new road access from the W. Entire farm is in cultivation and planted to wheat. Favorable soil types are suited to small grain and alfalfa. Eagle Chief Creek lies just off the northern boundary and is well-known for whitetail deer hunting. USDA info: 40.93 acres of cropland; 39.8 acre wheat base with 32 bushel yield. Legal Desc: Tracts in NWNE & SWNE of Section 23-25N-13W Woods County Oklahoma.
Hunting Country Real Estate LLC
Auction Services (office) 580-327-4440 Shane Terrel 580-327-7889