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PO Box 98
Hill City, KS

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Low Mileage
Pre-Owned Trucks
‘07 KW T800 TS Daycab, C15 Cat @ 475, 10 spd., 190” WB, Jake, loaded, dual chrome breathers and exhaust, VIT interior, wetkit, virgin rubber, beautiful one owner truck
'07 KW T800 TS Daycab, ISX Cumm., 3 PEDAL AUTO SHIFT, Jake, 10 alum., Southern rust free trucks, choice of 2    $51,895
07 Columbia TS Daycab, 430 hp. Cat, low hole 10 spd., Jake, VIT int., wetkit, only 313M, like new
‘05 KW TS EXT CAB, 430 horse Cat, 10 spd., Jake, factory dual exhaust, wetkit, 208” WB, nice hard to find truck    $49,895
‘03 KW T800 TS Daycab, C15 Cat @ 475 hp., 10 spd. AUTO SHIFT, Jake, big 2 line wetkit, only 514M, nice truck    $45,895
‘02 IHC 9100 TS Daycab, 410 hp. Cat, low hole 10 spd., AR, only 338M rust free miles    $30,895
00 IHC 9100 TS Daycab, N14 Cumm., low hole 9 spd., Jake, 655M, nice truck    $28,895
‘99 IHC 9200 TS Daycab, Cat Power, 10 spd, Jake, 575M, nice truck,    $23,895
‘97 Volvo WCA TS Daycab, 400 hp. Cumm., 10 spd., AR, local, only 390M    $23,895
‘94 Volvo WCA TS Daycab, 11.1 Det., 9 spd., cruise, new 24.5 rubber all around    $16,895
‘85 GMC General, NTC Cumm., HT750 DRD ALLISON, 463 gears, Hendericson susp., only 143,181 miles, hard to find & nice     $17,895
l MISC l
‘07 IHC 7600 TS Daycab, HEAVY HAUL, 410 HP Cumm., BIG ALLISON auto, 20,000 FA, 46,000 RA on Chalmers, lockers, double frame, jake, LWB, only 179M, exceptional truck    $79,895
'02 IHC 2554 SA HEAVY, DT530 power, 30/60P, HD Allison auto, 18,000# front axle, 23,000# rear axle, double frame, all new virgin rubber, 85M    $41,895
‘01 Sterling HEAVY-HAUL, 430 hp. Cat, 8LL trans., 430 gears, 20,000 front axle, 40,000 rear with full lockers, LWB, double frame, Hendrickson susp., only 282M, truck like new    $51,895
01 Sterling 9500 HEAVY-HAUL Cummins Power, 8LL trans., 20,000# front axle, 46,000# rears, lockers, long double frame, Hendrickson susp., all new virgin rubber    $55,895
'00 Western Star HEAVY-HAUL, C15 Cat, 475 hp., 8LL double low trans, 16,000# frt axle, 46,000# rear axle, Hendrickson Haul Max susp., lockers, double frame, new virgin rubber, 362M    $47,895
‘99 IHC 2554, SA HEAVY, DT530E, 3060P HD Allison auto, 18,000# FA, 23,000# RA, double frame, new virgin rbr., 74M    $38,895
(10) New Neville grain trailers in stock
'82 Edson 20' long tongue dolly, 1 farmer owner, virgin rbr, new brakes & drums, ready to work     $7,895
For Trucks & Trailers
Call Mike 785-567-8052

‘08 Chevy 3500 15 passenger van, (ATTENTION CHURCHES - SCHOOLS ETC) this hard to find van is like new, only 69M    $18,995
12 Silverado 3/4T Reg cab, 4x4, 6.0 V8, Positraction, new Michelins, nice, with only 30M    $27,895
‘12 Silverado 3/4T crew, 4x4, Duramax dsl., Allison auto, LT package, only 35M 1 owner miles, like new    Call
'10 Silverado 3/4T reg cab, w/new Besler bale bed, 6.0 gas, sharp     $29,895
‘05 Silverado 3/4T 4x4, Reg cab, 6.0 gas, clean truck, only 85M    $14,895
‘01 Silverado 3/4T 4x4, Ext. cab, LT pkg., Dura-Max dsl., Bradford flatbed, local    $11,995
‘08 Silverado 3500 Crew, 4x4, DUALLY, Duramax Allison, loaded LTZ, local one owner 38M    $42,895
Money Chevrolet Inc.
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