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Reisig Seeds
633 N Elm St
Russell, KS
2014 Certified Wheats For Sale
AP503 CL2 by AgriPro®
SY-Southwind by AgriPro
WB-4458, a WestBred® variety
WB-Cedar, a WestBred® variety
WB-Grainfield, a WestBred® variety
Seed Cleaning & Treatment
Fungicide l Insecticide
Micronutrients l JumpStart
Cover Crops
We can mix with your wheat seed
4462 189th Street Russell, KS
Ripper RadishTM
Black Oats
Forage Oats

Call: 785-483-1464

We Have OATS!
Shelby 427
Forage Oats
Black Cover
Crop Oats
Cleaned, Ready-to-Plant
Call Dave: 785-483-1464
4462 189th Street Russell, KS