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Eslabon Properties
7 Ballybunion Court
Amarillo, TX

l20,000 head feedyard in SW KS. Steam flake mill, modern pen construction, excellent line of equipment, nearly 800 total acres including both irrigated and dry farm land.
l 18,000 head feedyard in SW KS. Newer steam flake mill, well maintained line of equipment, small office, and two houses.
lGrowyard in the eastern TX Panhandle close to I-40. 4,500 head capacity. One of the newest yards in the industry in excellent condition. Drains well.
l72,000 head yard in the TX Panhandle with 1,125 acres of land. Has a modern feedmill with six rolls, two boilers, a large commodity barn, dual stationary mixers, and three silage pits. Permitted for 115,000 head and in very good environmental condition. Efficient layout for cattle movement and truck traffic. Has more than adequate water capacity.
A Division of Clift Land Brokers
Richard Bretz
806-463-3371 - 806-674-7211