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by Eliza Winters

"I think that the new emission standards are a great move. I think that the"....Read the story...
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Ken Root

Ken Root

Trade counters conflict

By Ken Root We are about to enter into another trade-restricting, policy-disagreeing and sovereignty-disputing confrontation with Russia. As one who was taught to fear

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Sara Wyant

Sara Wyant

Time to rethink farmers' political punch?

By Sara Wyant Note: This is a condensed version of part one of a six-part series, “Packing Political Punch in Rural America,” which is

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Jennifer M Latzke

Jennifer M Latzke

Opportunities to learn and grow

By Jennifer M. Latzke “Requiring nothing of a child gives them no chance for failure or success. Give your kids opportunities to learn and

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Kylene Scott

Kylene Scott

Council panel looks ahead to the future of livestock industry

By Kylene Scott “The future obviously holds a lot of unpredictability,” Tyler Chafee, senior

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Holly Martin

Holly Martin

See the map, believe in 'Ditch the rule'

By Holly Martin Seeing is believing. Or at least that’s what a group of agriculture organizations is hoping. This week, the National Cattlemen’s Beef

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Larry Dreiling

Larry Dreiling

Be prepared for higher interest rates, Fed leader says (And this time, the prediction may really hap

By Larry Dreiling Historically, presidents of the Federal Reserve Ban

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Jennifer Carrico

Jennifer Carrico

Duplicating deliciousness Researchers clone cattle with high quality carcasses

By Jennifer Carrico Duplicating high-quality lean beef may be a faster process, thanks to researchers at West Texas A&M Un

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Doug Rich

Doug Rich

Purple reign: A splash of lavender in the heartland

By Doug Rich Lavender was not their first choice, but it turned out to be the best choice for Jack and Kathy Wilson. They

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Trent Loos

Trent Loos

Kerry prefers starving kids

By Trent Loos At the recent Africa Summit in our nation’s capital, Secretary of State John Kerry stated Africa should not have more farms

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Jerry Nine

Jerry Nine

There are many ways to get injured

By Jerry Nine (Aug. 13)—In agriculture, being around equipment and livestock, there are so many ways we can get hurt. This morning me and

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