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Register soon for Gerrish Grazing Series Sessions
Time is running out to register for one of five Iowa workshops featuring grazing consultant Jim Gerrish. Set for August 18 to 22, each workshop includes classroom discussions and pas [Read More]

Study finds benefits to burning Flint Hills prairie in fall and winter
Kansas State University researchers have completed a 20-year study that looks at the consequences of burning Flint Hills prairie at differen [Read More]

Making it work for land and livestock owners in a grazing lease
By Bethany Johnston UNL Extension Educator Pasture leases can be a tricky business or a great opportunity for both the land and livestock owners. Pat [Read More]

Plan now for stockpiling tall fescue
By Gary Bates University of Tennessee Extension Even with as hot as it has been this summer, now is the time to start thinking about feeding your cows this winter. We all know that winter feeding means ha [Read More]

MU tool helps farmers decide on pasture insurance
Is pasture insurance right for your farm? The answer could be yes, no or maybe. University of Missouri (MU) Extension recently launched an online tool that can help farmers decide i [Read More]

Bermudagrass stem maggot invades Southern states
The bermudagrass stem maggot, Atherigona reversura, was first discovered in southern Georgia bermudagrass fields in 2010. This small fly is native to South Asia, and it is unknown how [Read More]

AgriLife Research: Triticale offers grazing benefits, options
By Kay Ledbetter Texas A&M AgriLife Extension There are many advantages to triticale as a forage over wheat or oats in the Rolling Plains, according to Jaso [Read More]

Fall rest for native grass forages
By Patrick Keyser University of Tennessee Extension Like many warm-season perennials, native grasses need rest prior to fall dormancy. This rest period allows the grass to store adequate energy (carbohydrates) [Read More]

Managing nitrogen in pastures
By Dirk Philipp University of Arkansas Extension Nitrogen (N) is the most limiting plant nutrient in agriculture due to the rapid turnover of nitrogenous compounds by soil microbial communities and limited storage availa [Read More]

Blister beetles in area alfalfa fields poise poison risk to livestock, says MU Extension specialist
Blister beetles are showing up in area alfalfa fields and that is a cause for conc [Read More]

Blister beetles in area alfalfa fields poise poison risk to livestock, says MU Extension specialist
Blister beetles are showing up in area alfalfa fields and that is a cause for conc [Read More]

Getting the best information for your land
Across the state of Missouri, the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR) has more than 14,000 acres dedicated to regional research. That valuable information extends to produce [Read More]

Annual directory promotes Colorado Hay
The Colorado Department of Agriculture publishes the Colorado Hay Directory annually to help connect Colorado hay producers with buyers. The 2014 edition of the directory is now available to the public at [Read More]

More grass, same acres?
By Bethany Johnston University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Is it possible to increase the amount of grass produced in the same pasture? The answer is “maybe.” Your semi-arid rangeland may have room to improve. But where do you sta [Read More]

September-seeded clover gives early spring growth
Spring-season frost seeding makes an easy way to add clover to grass pasture. Fall seeding works better, says Rob Kallenbach, a University of Missouri Extension specialist. Legumes [Read More]

Kansas Forage and Grasslands Council to host field day for alfalfa producers
The revitalized Kansas Forage and Grasslands Council (KSFGC) is hosting a summer field day geared towards alfalfa producers. Wit [Read More]

Fall seeding alfalfa
By Karla Hernandez South Dakota State University Extension For the most part, late summer seeding can be an excellent time to establish alfalfa, which will lead to productive stands the next growing season. The decision of whether to proc [Read More]

MSA executive vice president comments on Montana's Sage Grouse Habitat Conservation Program
Errol Rice, executive vice president of Montana Stockgrowers Association (MSA), recently commented [Read More]

Summer brings danger of nitrate, prussic acid poisoning in cattle
Drought can turn ordinary forages into sources of nitrate and prussic acid poisoning in cattle, and producers should keep a close eye on pasture condi [Read More]

The South Dakota Grassland Coalition presents: Allan Savory Seminar and Field Day
The South Dakota Grassland Coalition will present a seminar and field day Sept. 10 and 11. The overall theme is “40 Ye [Read More]

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