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Mary's Cranky Feeder, a product of Lineshack Trading, Palisade, Colo., is a metal feed bin with an auger in the center that loosens frozen sweet feed in the winter and does the same with sticky feed in the humid summer months. The bin funnels to a nose and has two flat doors: one on top, one at the bottom. Open the top door and the nose fills with feed; open the bottom and a gallon of grain falls into the waiting feed bucket. It has a leg and each corner with sturdy braces on three sides, leaving the front open for feed buckets. The lid on the top of Mary's Cranky Feeder keeps birds and mice out of the feed. When feed runs low, just throw another bag in on top of old to eliminate the concern about moldy grain. The Big Daddy version holds 200 pounds of feed and the Junior holds 100 pounds. For more information, call 970-464-9022 or email



The Nelson Irrigation Corporation's R55A end of pivot sprinkler works in the low pressure range of 15 to 30 pounds per square inch and provides up to 10 additional acres on a quarter mile pilot without the use of a booster pump. The design of the Walla, Walla, Wash.-based company provides for low trajectory streams and large droplets penetrate the wind and resist evaporation and drift. The R55A has a wear-resistant plate, four color coded nozzles, cast aluminum body and standard 1.25-inch threads and a nozzle that can separate from the body by pulling a single pin. For more information, call 509-5250-7660 or visit

Seed firm announces availability of drought- tolerant corn hybrid

Corn producers in the Midwest will have a tool in 2014 to help mitigate the risk of yield loss due to drought stress.

The O 24-14 DroughtGard hybrid from Ohlde Seed Farms, Palmer, Kan., uses Monsanto’s Genuity DroughtGard germplasm selected for its drought-tolerant characteristics. O 24-14 is designed to use less water when drought stress occurs and help minimize yield loss from drought conditions.

Introduced on a commercial basis in 2013, DroughtGard hybrids have shown improved stability and yield advantages of up to 10 bushels per acre in head-to-head comparisons versus competitive checks in drought-stress conditions causing damaging yield losses. Hybrids with the drought trait have more kernels per ear and can use less water during severe drought stress.

O 24-14 DroughtGard has the potential to maintain top-end yield in well-watered conditions, while still providing a valuable tool for managing water-deficit risks, Ohlde officials say. O 24-14 also offers tolerance to Roundup brand agricultural herbicide.

In addition to the DroughtGard germplasm, the new O 24-14 corn hybrid contains Genuity VT Double PRO RIB Complete corn technology, which provides refuge-in-the-bag (RIB) and dual modes-of-action against corn earworm and above-ground insect protection against fall armyworm and European and Southwestern corn borer.

For more information, call 785-692-4555 or visit

New tool safeguards yield potential for corn, soybean, wheat farmers

Corn, soybean and wheat growers have a new fungicide with two modes of action to protect yield potential and address resistant fungal diseases.

DuPont Aproach Prima fungicide has been granted registration approval by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Aproach Prima includes the strobilurin active ingredient as DuPont Aproach fungicide plus triazole to deliver a second critical mode of action that helps manage fungicide-resistant diseases and helps growers protect their genetic investment.

The dual protection offered by Aproach Prima provides preventive and curative control of difficult and yield-robbing diseases in corn, soybeans and wheat, including frogeye leaf spot, a major soybean disease in the South and mid-South that has recently spread into northern growing areas. Aproach Prima also protects crops from damage due to Septoria brown spot, downy mildew, soybean rust, gray leaf spot, Northern corn leaf blight, common rust and Southern rust.

Systemic movement within the plant allows the strobilurin in Aproach Prima to prevent and control disease on all plant surfaces, even on stems and leaves deep under the canopy.

The combination of two premier fungicides in Aproach Prima controls strobilurin-resistant fungal pathogens, as well as maintains plant health under stressful conditions and protects acres exposed to significant disease pressure.

In field trials throughout the country, Aproach Prima reduced the incidence of disease and severity levels, leading to healthier plants and increased yield.

DuPont Crop Protection is one of several companies collaborating through the Fungicide Resistance Action Committee (FRAC) to monitor plant disease and identify best practices to reduce development of fungicide-resistant diseases.

For more information, see a dealer or visit


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