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LARGE ACREAGE DRILL—Great Plains introduces the 3S-5000 50-foot Grain Drill. Its drilling width covers more ground in a single sweep and its 3.2 bushel-per-foot seed boxes hold 149 bushels of seed on board to reduce downtime between fills. The boxes can also be split to allow for dry fertilizer application. The 3S-5000 Grain Drill is made up of three box sections and each carries two sub-frames. The sections and sub-frames flex independently to provide ground-hugging agility. Hydraulic down pressure is applied consistently for uniform seed depth. For more information, call 785-823-3276 or visit

AUGER MOUNTS—Danuser offers offset front-end loader quick attach auger mounts. The Offset Mount allows for more accurate and efficient digging with greater visibility of the digging area. It can mount on skid-steer, Euro/Global, JD 200-500 and JD 600/700 quick attach loader mounts. It fits Danuser Models EP, PRO and 8900 Series Auger Systems. The welded cradle holds the auger system horizontal as loader arms lower to the ground for travel. For more information, call 573-642-2246, or visit



New side-discharge crop shredder available

Loftness introduces the CropLogix Windrow Draper 20, the first side-discharge crop shredder of its kind. Featuring a unique draper belt design, the new product offers a solution to the performance issues associated with traditional auger systems. The side discharge ability of the Windrow Draper 20 allows operators to place two windrows side-by-side, significantly reducing the time needed to bale the residue.

The Windrow Draper 20 offers a 20-foot cutting width. Its computer-balanced rotors are equipped with 4.5-inch cupped knives to maximize suction. This allows the unit to operate higher than other shredders, helping to reduce the risk of striking hidden objects.

For unrestricted material movement through the machine, the unit includes a free-flow tunnel, where residue is efficiently transferred from the knife heads to the draper. Additionally, the machines are equipped with flow deflectors, which enhance performance by directing material toward the center of the draper belt.

A minimum of 150 horsepower is required to operate the Windrow Draper 20. The rotors are powered by a 1,000-RPM PTO, heavy-duty gearbox, and two four-groove banded belt drives with spring-loaded tensioners. The high-speed, 36-inch draper is hydraulically driven, and it is designed to consistently move high volumes of residue while resisting clogging and jamming. For easy maintenance, the machine includes hinged canopy doors, which allow full access to the draper belt and tunnel.

Furthermore, the Windrow Draper 20 comes with four wheels, which are fully adjustable to match row spacing. The height can be precisely adjusted via two rephasing-type hydraulic cylinders.

Other standard equipment includes a crop diffuser for discharging residue into a well-contained windrow. A transport mode is optional.

For more information, call 800-828-7624 or visit

New technology controls lateral irrigation

Lindsay Corporation, maker of Zimmatic irrigation systems, announces the addition of VISION for laterals, automatic control for lateral irrigation systems.

"VISION for laterals creates an entirely new experience for growers thanks to its user-friendly design that allows irrigators to automatically control their systems with just the touch of a button," said Reece Andrews, new technology product manager at Lindsay. "It's 15 times faster to program than other laterals panels and has a user-friendly interface that gives the operator a quick view of key information and reduces errors with easy, accurate programming with GPS positioning."

VISION's "EZ Water Wizard" saves water and labor by automatically varying the water rates so that the lateral never has to complete a dry run, and no area is over- or under-watered. Up to 20 water zones can be created in just a few steps with the product.

VISION for laterals features enhanced shutdown diagnostics, works on multiple field options and is designed specifically for Zimmatic 9500L irrigation systems.

For more information, call a local Zimmatic dealer or visit

Defend against winter and summer annuals

Growers now have a strong defense against winter and summer annuals. Authority XL herbicide, from FMC Corporation, offers best-in-class burndown and preemergence chemistries, providing growers with clean fields all season long.

"As growers have seen in the past few years, weeds are getting tougher to control with postemergence applications. In many cases, the use of a preemergence herbicide is the best or only option," said Matt Foster, FMC Product Manager. "Early weed pressure can be especially problematic, robbing young soybeans of vital nutrients and sunlight. To ensure fields start clean and stay clean, use Authority XL in the fall."

A timely fall application of Authority XL allows growers a wider planting window, providing control through planting while managing weeds and eliminating competition early. In addition, clean fields help soils warm up and dry more quickly in the spring, so growers can begin planting earlier.

"Fall applications of Authority XL reduce early weed competition, which in turn protect yield potential and also give the grower more flexibility on when to apply an in-crop glyphosate application," said Foster. "Fall applications can also be a great time management tool--by shifting that workload to the fall, you have more time to get everything done in the spring."

In addition to timely fall applications, Authority XL can be used as a spring preemergence herbicide to get fields off to a clean start. Using Authority XL in the spring provides long-lasting residual control of troublesome summer annuals.

"In a system where glyphosate is not providing the effectiveness of weed control as it has in the past, we're seeing a lot of value in the use of residual herbicides in the spring," said Dr. Bryan Young, professor of weed science at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. "Growers really need to look at soil residual herbicides that...diversify our approach to weed management."

Authority XL provides two modes of action to manage glyphosate-resistant weeds. It offers two tiers of rates to meet specific grower's needs. A rate of 4-6.4oz/A can be used as a foundation for burndown and residual weed control in Roundup Ready or LibertyLink soybean systems. For non-GMO soybeans and glyphosate-resistant weed populations, a rate of Authority XL from 5.0-9.6 oz/A is recommended. See the label for complete use rate details. It may also be applied with other crop protection chemicals and liquid fertilizers.

For more information, call a local sales representative or visit


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