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Tool compares herbicide efficacy

NovaSource unveiled a new tool that compares the efficacy of popular pre-emergence and burndown herbicides in controlling key broadleaf weeds and grasses. The new Herbicide Efficacy Guide is available as a .pdf file available for download at

The data used in the Herbicide Efficacy Guide is derived from a variety of universities and manufacturer's labels. Control efficacy is measured as Excellent, Good, Fair or Poor. The efficacy guide includes important, difficult-to-control weeds such as common lambsquarter, common ragweed, hemp sesbania, morning glory, nightshade, Palmer amaranth, redroot pigweed, waterhemp, fall panicum, giant foxtail and many others. Visitors to the NovaSource web site can also view a companion piece to the Herbicide Efficacy Guide, the Herbicide Classification Guide.

The classification guide contains the herbicide classification group numbers, developed by the Weed Science Society of America (WSSA), for many common herbicides. It classifies herbicides by their site of action. Growers and consultants can use the guide to better plan their herbicide programs to avoid continuous use of herbicides from the same group, which can lead to the development of resistance. The Herbicide Classification Guide is also available in a mobile version at The Classification Guide also is available in a counter mat format for use at retail counters or as a desk blotter.

For more information, visit

New planter configurations available

Kinze Manufacturing, Inc., announced it will offer three new planter configurations, new seed tube sensors and ISO electronics for the spring 2013 planting season.

The new planter configurations will include:

--3700 24 row 20" with bulk fill, Edge Vac or mechanical meters, and fertilizer;

--3700 24 row 22" with bulk fill, Edge Vac or mechanical meters, and fertilizer;

--3600 16 row Twin Row with bulk fill, EV or mechanical meters

This ISO electronics capability, or "plug and play," will make Kinze planters compatible with any tractors featuring displays that are ISO compatible, including those sold by John Deere, Case IH and others.

The new seed tube sensors will allow additional functionality, including the ability to measure skips and doubles, as well as singulation accuracy. The Kinze seed tube sensors also will be compatible with Precision 20/20 SeedSense and Ag Leader Seed Tube Monitoring Module (STMM). Ag Leader clutches will be offered on the 3200, 3600, 3660, 3700 and 3800 models.

"Customer convenience drove these decisions," said Susanne Kinzenbaw Veatch, vice president and chief marketing officer for Kinze. "Our customers are very technologically savvy and we want to offer them solutions that will allow them to be most efficient and productive."

For more information, call a local Kinze dealer, or visit

h3>New soybeans available for 2013

The Asgrow brand in 2013 is shining the spotlight on its Rock Star products--featuring the brand's high-performing products that deliver consistent results, top-end yield and high-performing genetics for farmers.

These featured products combine Monsanto's latest soybean trait technology, Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield, with exclusive Asgrow genetics from the industry's leading breeding program to maximize soybean yield potential as part of the Asgrow Performance System.

"It's an exciting time for Asgrow to bring farmers Rock Star products that shine with consistency, reliability and high-yield potential," says Todd Heap, Asgrow product manager. "Farmers can be confident selecting these products that feature improved agronomic traits and the best of the Asgrow breeding program. The Asgrow Rock Star products are tried and true performers that farmers have had success with since they were brought to the marketplace. In 2013, the products will receive a bit more attention as Asgrow Rock Stars."

The inaugural class of Asgrow Rock Star products include:

--AG0832 brand (LATE 0) is a soybean with outstanding yield potential, solid agronomic traits and broad Phytophthora protection. Key strengths of this product include its wide adaptability, excellent emergence and standability, and good tolerance to iron deficiency chlorosis.

--AG1431 brand (MID 1) shines with a strong agronomic and defensive trait package. This product combines elite genetics with the latest soybean yield trait to offer tremendous performance potential.

--AG2031 brand (EARLY II) delivers strong performance, important defensive traits and good supporting agronomics. This product is adaptable to multiple tillage systems.

--AG2431 brand (MID II) provides amped up yield potential, strong agronomics and broad adaptation to multiple environments. This product is a medium-tall plant with good emergence and standability.

--AG3231 brand (EARLY III) combines exceptional yield potential with excellent standability and defensive traits. This versatile product responds well to a variety of agronomic production systems.

--AG3731 brand (LATE III) features soybean cyst nematode resistance, good southern stem canker tolerance and multi-race Phytophthora protection. It also combines high-end yield potential with good agronomic characteristics.

--AG3832 brand (LATE III) is a show-stopping product with excellent yield potential, wide adaption, strong agronomic characteristics and a broad defensive package. This product has shown outstanding performance across the late maturity group 3 growing region and is a flexible product that performs well in multiple soil types and production systems.

--AG4232 brand (EARLY IV) brings excellent yield potential, good agronomic traits and tolerance to several important diseases. It has shown strong performance across the Midwest.

Asgrow Rock Star products are designed to perform within the Asgrow Performance System, which is a full-season management system including the "4P's"--Plan, Plant, Protect and Perform. Asgrow agronomists encourage farmers to follow a season-long approach to increase the yield potential and profitability of their Asgrow Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans. Starting with pre-planting decisions to select the right product to match the agronomic conditions of the field, then protecting yield with Acceleron Seed Treatment Products and Roundup Ready PLUS Weed Management Solutions, farmers can optimize their soybean acres for maximum performance and take more bushels to the bin at harvest.

For more information, call a local Asgrow dealer, or visit

Catalog is now online

Victor has launched print and interactive versions of its 2012 Industrial Gas Equipment catalog. The 108-page catalog offers full-color images and has been reorganized to locate relevant information pertaining to major components (flow charts, part numbers, tip sizes, capacities, accessories, etc.) as close as possible.

The interactive version enables website visitors to turn pages (as with an online magazine), search for information, add bookmarks and notes, e-mail the catalog to a friend and download a free PDF. When developing the catalog, Victor incorporated feedback from end-users, distributors and suppliers and used it to enhance the user experience, eliminating much of the page flipping that was previously necessary when viewing products.

A print catalog can be ordered by visiting the literature section of the website at

Victor is a world leader in cutting, welding and gas control technology. Founded in 1913, Victor has continued to design and improve products with the end-user in mind - and these practices have made the Victor name synonymous with dependability and quality. Victor products include torches, handles, attachments, tips, consumables and complete kits for oxy-acetylene and oxy-fuel cutting, heating and welding. Victor gas control equipment includes regulators, flow meters, gauges and pipeline regulation devices. Insist on genuine Victor equipment.

Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Victor Technologies provides superior solutions for cutting, welding and gas control equipment under brand names that include Victor, Tweco, Arcair, Thermal Dynamics, Thermal Arc, Stoody, TurboTorch, Firepower and Cigweld.

For more information, visit


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