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Lindsay Corporation, Omaha, Nebraska, has introduced FieldNET for wireless micro-irrigation management, allowing growers access and control of their entire irrigation operation at any time. It is available to drip and micro-irrigation users. A new addition to FieldNET is MULTI-CONTROL, which provides growers with 4-in-1 control of their entire irrigation system, including management and control of pumps and valves, fertilizer and chemical injectors, filter flush capabilities, and frost protection plans. The integrated 4-in-1 controller enables growers to schedule flush cycles to run automatically by operation time or pressure differential, easily set up or adjust crop temperature protection plans as conditions change, and have unlimited control of water, fertilizer and chemical use. For more information, see a dealer or visit

Florham Park, New Jersey-based Zoetis has launched the Calf Wellness initiative, which includes a web-based video program that emphasizes dairy wellness solutions for key calf and heifer growth stages, from newborn calves through pre-fresh heifers. The video’s cover page is depicted in this photograph. The program focuses on five foundations of calf and heifer management: nutrition, disease management, reproduction, genetics and labor. Calf Wellness helps producers and growers keep their calf and heifer programs on the path to success. A key component of the program is a new management-focused website. For more information, circle E in the Reader Reply Coupon, see a representative or visit


Parasite infestation can hit pastures

It’s a common misconception among producers that a rotational grazing strategy helps provide protection from parasite infections, according to Joe Dedrickson, DVM, Ph.D, large animal veterinary services, Merial, Duluth, Georgia. In fact, the use of pasture rotation as a means of parasite control may actually increase the risk.

According to research conducted by the University of Minnesota, infective larvae can maintain viability even during the cold winter months. In the study, the larvae were found on pastures in the spring, even though they had not been grazed on since the prior summer. The fact that infective larvae remain in pastures long after they have been deposited should help producers understand the risks of using rotation as a parasite-control strategy.

LONGRANGE (eprinomectin) was developed to be long-lasting, providing up to 100 to 150 days of parasite control.

For more information, see a representative or visit

Mix tank application works for growers

Well before the planters have stopped rolling, efficiency-minded retailers, applicators and growers are already thinking about best practices for tank mixing and applying their crop protection products.

Waukegan, Illinois-based Precision Laboratories’ Mix Tank 3.0, offers an app for iPhone and Android smartphones in a convenient tool to help ensure that tank mixing compatibility, proper logging and features is in the palm of your hand.

Mix Tank simplified its design and added features in November 2013. In time for the 2014 growing season, retailers and growers will be able to use Mix Sheets, the app’s latest feature that captures product use rates, field size, spray volume and tank size. Use rates are calculated automatically after entering basic information, which can then be easily shared via email.

Along with its newest features, Mix Tank offers additional tools such as weather integration, which captures real-time data to maintain accurate spray logs and documentation.

It also has a “My Favorites” feature, providing quick access to the user’s preferred crop protection products.

For more information, see a dealer or visit

Firm adds capacity for nutritional specialty product

Prince Agri Products, Inc., Quincey, Illinois, has opened a manufacturing facility to expand production of its anionic nutritional specialty product, Animate, which is designed to reduce the incidence of low blood calcium in transition cows.

The 12,000-square-foot facility will support a five-fold increase in Animate production to meet current and anticipated future demand by dairy operators in North America.

During a transition period, dairy cows can experience a significant drop in blood calcium concentrations, resulting in milk fever, or slightly below normal blood calcium concentrations, which is classified as subclinical hypocalcemia. Either of these conditions can have a negative impact on herd health and milk production.

Animate has been proven to help maintain normal blood calcium concentrations in pre- and postpartum dairy cows.

Because it is highly palatable, compared to other anionic salt products, it can help attain a negative dietary cation-anion difference (DCAD) diet while also maintaining high dry matter intake.

For more information, see a representative or visit


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