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Responding to customer requests for corrosion-resistant livestock equipment, Ranger Gate has collaborated with AZZ Inc. to design and build a line of galvanized bulk feeders. Using a hot-dip galvanizing process to protect components from corrosion, Ranger Gate feeders are designed to last longer than traditional painted-steel products. The bulk feeders, available from 1- to 6-ton capacities. Ranch models are towable with heavy-duty jacks and new axles and wheels, while feedlot models are placed on skids. All trailer and skid components are hot-dip galvanized to give them a durable zinc coating, which resists rust from water and other corrosive materials that drip from the trough area. Ranger Gate’s feeders feature a modular design with hoppers made from 16-gauge, pre-galvanized steel. Troughs are offered with the choice of galvanized-steel or polyethylene construction. Other features include rear clean-out doors and a 7.5-foot-wide sliding top door for easy loading. For more information, call 800-722-1299, or visit

Machinery company expands Minnesota plant

AGCO has begun further expansion of its Jackson, Minn., manufacturing center.

During the next three years, AGCO will invest an estimated $42 million in infrastructure, increasing production capacity and efficiency in order to help meet growing demand for the tractors and application equipment built there.

The three-year endeavor is made up of seven phases affecting all areas of the campus, including component manufacturing, the tractor assembly line and the application equipment assembly line. Once completed, the expansion will create 75 additional permanent jobs at the facility, bringing the total number of employees to more than 1,200. The project will increase production capacity by 25 percent for both the tractor and sprayer assembly lines while maintaining best-in-class product quality.

The first phase, scheduled to be complete fall 2013, includes a 30,000-square-foot expansion of the component manufacturing area, which will increase capacity by 20 percent and improve efficiency by re-engineering the flow of materials to assembly stations. The installation of an additional robotic welder and a sheet laser will improve productivity and positively impact all equipment built in Jackson.

Remaining phases include expanding the tractor assembly line for increased production capacity, an in-line paint system for the application assembly line, and cutting- edge testing capability of our finished products. In June 2012, AGCO expanded its Jackson location to bring production of Massey Ferguson and Challenger wheeled row-crop tractors to North America.

For more information, visit

Technology helping consumption of water by dairy cattle

Silver Bullet, a leading nontraditional water treatment company, offers a natural biocide that is odorless, tasteless and toxin-free. A Colorado State University (CSU) study confirms that Silver Bullet technology reduces bacteria in cows’ drinking troughs.

The Silver Bullet water treatment process consists of passing ambient air through a processor containing ultraviolet light and other elements. This modified air is then diffused into the water supply to form hydrogen peroxide, which treats water without any toxic chemical residues, odor, or taste. The solution kills bacteria upon contact. The Silver Bullet system is installed at the dairy farms’ wellheads in less than a day; with no upfront investment, rents by the month and is maintained by Silver Bullet or its authorized dealers.

CSU tested the effectiveness of the Silver Bullet system and found it reduced all bacteria counts measured in cows’ drinking troughs by more than half. The CSU study also found an increase in the quality of milk production and other benchmarks. Milk fat and milk protein increased and somatic cell counts decreased when cows consumed water treated by Silver Bullet.

For more information, see a local dealer or visit

Firm's technology helps cut corrosion, safer to handle

KMC Inc. is offering a clean low salt (2 percent or less) product with nano technology.

The O’Neill, Neb.-based company officials said product weight is 11.1 pounds per gallon and contains 6.82 actual units (pounds) of nitrogen per gallon.

Due to the low salt content content LSN NPK 32-0-0 is safe for crops, has less corrosion on equipment and is easier to handle. There is no buring or phytotoxicity even when applied at a high application rate.

With the use of nano technology, when foliar sprayed, the product has the power to better penetrate into the plant issue, keeping the essential nutrient in place and becomes more available to the plant and reduces waste and run off. LSN NPK 32-0-0 is a versatile nitrogen grade that offers an easy handling application. LSN NPK 32-0-0 can be used on any crop requiring nitrogen.

The product can mix with chemicals, can be applied with sprayer or pivot. It can also be used on vegetable farms.. Knopp’s Midstates Consulting Inc.

For more information, call 402-340-3323, or visit

Post driver celebrates 15th year

Hitting its mark with the agricultural and ranching industries as the only multidirectional air powered portable fence post driver, Rohrer Manufacturing, Prineville, Ore., is celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Man Saver Post Driver and growing annually at 10 percent to 15 percent.

Rohrer Manufacturing’s patented, pneumatic air-powered fence post drivers eliminate the back breaking job of hand driving posts. The Man Saver is the only pneumatic post driver on the market, providing an alternative to larger, more expensive, heavy equipment, saving time and industries. Innovation and consistent pricing has been the backbone to its success.

Dan Rohrer’s innovation of the fence post driver concept in 1998 has led to nearly 16,000 units sold. Today’s refined version has become a tool for farmers, ranchers, vineyards, construction centers, highway and public works departments. The post driver includes ultra lightweight, weighing from 26 to 54 pounds and compact to allow for remote fence installation projects. The Man Saver Post Driver is air powered for multidirectional use, portable, pneumatic, increasing efficiency by up to 50 percent.

For more information, see a local dealer or visit

Firm adds magnesium to nutrient line

Wolf Trax, of Winnipeg, Manitoba, has added magnesium to its DDP nutrient portfolio to help producers faced with magnesium deficiencies in soils and crops.

Magnesium is important in chlorophyll production and plays a key role in moving sugars from the leaves into the plant. Deficiency is a growing problem in highly productive soils. Challenges with granular magnesium products include tie-up in the soil, poor blending capability and sparse distribution throughout a field.

Wolf Trax applied its patented, scientifically-engineered DDP technology in developing Magnesium DDP. Formulated as a dry dispersible powder, Magnesium DDP will coat dry fertilizer for higher quality blends, better field coverage and easier access for plant roots. Magnesium DDP also features DUAL ACTION Formulation, providing immediate availability for plant uptake, along with extended feeding over time.

For more information, circle F in the Reader Reply Coupon, see a local dealer or visit

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