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Land Pride, a division of Great Plains Mfg., Inc., now offers the SGS15 Series Skeleton Grapple, ideal for removing roots, stumps and other timber and debris. Similar to the Rock Grapple, the unit is available in 66- and 78-inch widths, but features 5-inch spacing between tines. It also employes dual hydraulic cylinders for handling uneven loads. For more information, call a local dealer, or visit



Ackerman Distributing & Construction now offers farm fuel containment systems. The Dura-Life Fuel Containment Systems are designed by engineers to meet EPA requirements. The sides are rolled to 4-inch corrugated, available in 25-, 33- and 45-inch heights. Unlike concrete, this system will not crack and can be installed or disassembled and moved by the customer. Powder color options are available and installation is also available. For more information, call 800726-9091 or visit

Building healthier soil

Now is the time to start strategizing crop management techniques for spring that will offer up more viable solutions for increasing yields and maintaining water penetration and retention. While it is impossible to control unpredictable weather events such as drought, taking steps to improve water penetration and water holding capacity is critical to crop survival. Specializing in agricultural formulas comprised of naturally-occurring soil microbes, Bio S.I. Technology provides farmers with an effective amendment for renewing soil tilth and making it capable of handling harsh growing conditions that can occur. Bio S.I.'s liquid Agriculture Select formula can be easily integrated into soil preparation strategies, and can drastically improve soil conditions for accepting water and improving nutrient availability.

Bio S.I.'s Agriculture Select formula is a proprietary blend of naturally-occurring microbes plus mycorrhizae. When soil is healthy, there are many different types of microbes present in the rhizosphere, responsible for breaking down plant debris and tied up nutrients in the soil. Over time, populations of these bacteria can become depleted from tillage practices such as over-fertilization and other factors, reducing the organic content of the soil and creating a poor soil structure. Bio S.I.'s Agriculture Select formula can improve the breakdown of plant debris and chemical residues that can increase soil compaction and crusting. One of the most important activities of the Bio S.I. Select formula is the building of the humus fraction in the soil. This improves water efficiency as well as holding nutrients ready for plant use in the rhizosphere.

Along with microbial communities, the Agriculture Select formula also contains mycorrhizal fungi that form a direct symbiotic relationship with plant root systems. These mycorrhizal fungi attach to roots and bring nutrients and water back to the plants they would not normally be able to obtain. Mycorrhizae are a natural way to combat nutrient deficiencies in crops under harsh conditions. When paired with the other microbes found in the Agriculture Select formula, farmers are provided with a natural means of boosting water penetration and helping stave off root diseases and increasing nutrient absorption. Bio S.I.'s Agriculture Select formula allows farmers to replace these essential microbial populations that have been depleted. With improved soil conditions and more vigorous plants that will be better prepared to withstand stress periods, farmers have a better chance of producing crops under challenging conditions.

For more information, call 805-969-3744, or visit

New herbicides strengthen soybean resistance management

MANA recently launched five new soybean weed control tools: Rumble, Tailwind, Torment, Vise and Outflank herbicides. Each product encompasses superior efficacy against tough-to-control grass and broadleaf weeds using advanced technology to expand performance of "gold star" conventional active ingredients.

The new MANA lineup touts resistance management attributes for improved weed control with emphasis on glyphosate-, HPPD-, triazine- and ALS-resistant weed species.

"With EPA approval granted in time for the 2013 season, soybean growers will have more options for comprehensive resistance management strategies," said Dave Downing, MANA brand leader. "Our latest entries offer differentiating performance qualities that target problem weeds and allow growers to be more successful when combatting existing resistance issues, or to help them get ahead of resistance before it shows up."

Growers are on high alert for weed resistance in many soybean growing regions, and university researchers are encouraging grower adoption of herbicides with different modes of action versus continued use of contemporary market standards. Downing says the MANA resistance management weed control portfolio comes at just the right time, with proven active ingredients that host multiple modes of action plus residual activity in highly compatible formulations.

Torment herbicide offers the first residual weed control of its kind combining two popular active ingredients (fomesafen and imazethapyr) for control of 65 grasses and broadleaves, including those resistant to glyphosate, and HPPD and triazine inhibitors. Torment provides up to 45 days of residual activity and can be used as a pre-emergent or early post-emergent application. It also has excellent compatibility with glyphosate for post-emergent applications.

Rumble herbicide is a pre-emergent and post-emergent residual tool that targets glyphosate- and ALS-resistant weeds including waterhemp, Palmer amaranth and common ragweed. Hosting a highly popular active ingredient (fomesafen), this premium formulation delivers seamless compatibility with glyphosate and paraquat-based products.

Tailwind herbicide is a pre-emergent weed control tool that delivers two modes of action (metolachlor plus metribuzin) for early-season control of 40 grasses and broadleaves, including species susceptible to ALS and glyphosate resistance. Tailwind is compatible with premium formulations of glyphosate and paraquat, and it provides rotational flexibility with common row crops without carryover concerns. Additionally, potatoes are included on the Tailwind 2013 label.

Vise herbicide is the only alternative premix of metolachlor plus fomesafen that is uniquely compatible with premium formulations of glyphosate- and paraquat-based products. With dual modes of action and up to 45 days of residual control, it's a perfect early-season foundational tool. It's also a solid fit for a glyphosate post-sequential program. Vise has superior waterhemp control and mitigates extensive weed management if used early. It is crop-safe and allows for flexibility when used in rotation with common row crops. Cotton is also included on the Vise 2013 label.

Outflank herbicide, powered by the active ingredient flumioxazin, provides broad-spectrum residual control of tough weeds in soybeans, cotton, field corn and many other crops. Early-season applications of Outflank manage ALS-, SU- and glyphosate-resistant weeds while offering excellent crop safety and rotational flexibility to common follow-crops.

Specific to performance for new Torment, Rumble, Tailwind, Vise and Outflank herbicides, Downing reports that all five products performed extremely well in soybean field trials in 2012, even under extreme drought-like conditions. In regards to university recommendations for 2013, he says the new MANA herbicides will meet resistance management specifications by helping growers stay one step ahead of this major industry challenge.

For more information, circle X on the Reader Reply Coupon, call a local sales representative or visit

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