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Challenger, a brand of AGCO, has introduced three Challenger MT900E series tractors. The articulated models match 16.8-liter diesel engines from 490- to 590-engine horsepower with enhanced hydraulic capacity and 529 to 637 maximum engine horsepower. The high torque rise and sustained torque curve provide lugging ability with no need to downshift or pull the implement out of the ground, boosting productivity and improving fuel economy. The standard hydraulic capacity has been increased significantly to 58 GPM, with a high-flow option of 85 GPM. Operators benefit from a Category V drawbar with Category IV adapter. Panoramic views, plush-leather seating options, advanced auto guidance technology, a heated and ventilated seat ensures season-long comfort, with clear sight lines to the drawbar as well as front and rear tires. For more information, circle A in the Reader Reply Coupon, see a dealer or visit

All-natural solutions firm launches new website

Bio S.I. Technology, a Justin, Texas-based sustainable agriculture expert and producer of microbial soil inoculants, launched a new website at the recent 2014 World Ag Expo, in Tulare, Calif.

The site provides agricultural experts, researchers and consumers with white papers, instructional videos and testimonials about the use of microbes and the effectiveness of Bio S.I. Technology products across a range of agricultural applications. The site’s resource will offer growers, gardeners and ranchers techniques to rebuild, restore, and renew vitality to their soils and improve bottom lines.

Bio S.I. Technology’s all-natural microbial formulas provide agribusiness with environmentally sustainable solutions.

The microbial formulas can help reduce overall input costs to farm and keep farmers in business by improving their bottom lines.

Bio S.I. Technology’s blend of all-natural beneficial bacteria, or microbes, penetrates damaged soils to fight pathogens and convert wastes to new usable forms of carbon.

For more information, circle C in the Reader Reply Coupon, call 866-393-4786 or visit

Firm uses drone to improve ag mapping

A fully autonomous, high-resolution agricultural imaging drone is available from Labre Crop Consulting of Manson, Iowa. The eBee drone is manufactured by a Swiss company, SenseFly.

Users create their own aerial maps with the simple hand-launch of the eBee into the air. Flight plans, created with SenseFly’s eMotion 2 software, allow the user to plan, simulate, monitor and control the trajectory of the eBee from either a computer or mobile device. Powered by a lithium polymer battery, each flight of the eBee can cover up to 120 to 150 acres and concludes with a controlled landing.

Postflight Terra software, included in the eBee package, processes the collected images, and through advanced geotagging, creates an orthomosaic. Additionally, the software can also produce 3D models from the collected high-resolution, 16 megapixel images. Unlike the processing time required and seasonal restrictions of previous field data collection, farmers will be able to identify crop issues, machine problems and drainage concerns.

The eBee’s modular design includes a wing span of 38 inches and wings that can be disassembled. This allows the wings, central body and necessary parts and accessories to be stored in a small case. Maximum flight endurance is achieved with the aerodynamic profile of the eBee, which has a cruise speed of 22 to 36 miles per hour and can withstand up to 27 mph wind speeds.

For more information, circle B in the Reader Reply Coupon, contact a representative or visit

Bean producer hits high marks on yields

Clariva Complete Beans nematicide-insecticide-fungicide, an on-seed application of separately registered products, from Greensboro, N.C., continues to produce higher soybean yields than insecticide-fungicide seed treatments, according to 2013 results. Clariva Complete Beans builds on the market-leading insect and disease protection from CruiserMaxx Beans with Vibrance insecticide-fungicide seed treatment by adding a nematicide with direct, season-long protection against soybean cyst nematode (SCN).

The annual damage from SCN is greater than the next three most destructive soybean pests combined. Syngenta conducted Clariva Complete Beans trials with SCN-resistant varieties from 2010 to 2013. When used in fields with moderate-to-high SCN pressure, Clariva Complete Beans improved yields by an average of 4.1 percent compared to an insecticide-fungicide check.

For more information, circle E in the Reader Reply Coupon, contact a seed representative or visit

Seed company releases 3 corn hybrids

DuPont Pioneer is introducing three Pioneer brand corn hybrids with the brown midrib (BMR) trait for 2014. The products offer the traits growers expect from BMR hybrids, along with strong agronomics in a broader range of maturities.

DuPont Pioneer researchers expanded BMR breeding efforts by starting a program with the goal of developing inbred parent lines and hybrids expressing the BMR trait. They looked for lines that demonstrated BMR forage quality along with performance stability, excellent yield, and agronomic strengths such as root-lodging resistance and standability for ease of harvest.

The BMR products all include the Herculex XTRA, LibertyLink and Roundup Ready Corn 2 traits for insect resistance and herbicide tolerance. The three hybrids join longer maturity BMR hybrids in the Pioneer lineup: Pioneer brand P0238XR—102-day relative maturity, the earliest-maturing Pioneer BMR hybrid, with high starch levels, very good fiber digestibility, strong emergence and good roots; P0783XR—107-day BMR silage hybrid with excellent fiber digestibility, tall plants, good roots and a good leaf disease resistance rating; and P1180XR—111-day maturity BMR silage hybrid that flowers early for a wide area of adaptation, including northern growing areas. It features excellent stand emergence and establishment, plus good disease tolerance.

These products offer better potential silage yields, higher starch content and excellent fiber digestibility, and BMR corn hybrids have 10 percent to 25 percent less lignin in the stalk’s fiber.

For more information, circle D in the Reader Reply Coupon, contact a seed representative or visit


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