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Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizer
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MANAGE CALF STRESS—AgriLabs introduces StressMate, a product developed from colostrum that provides a source of small proteins, bioactives, that help calves cope with stress. StressMate was developed to help in instances when colostrum is not available or the calf is unable to consume enough to fill its needs. StressMate’s formulation, even when fed to young calves, even after gut closure, ensures calves have and immediate source of essential immune supportive nutrients. For more information, call a local animal health professional, or visit



LIQUID FERTILIZERS—Royal-Grow is a new line of liquid fertilizers and soil conditioners that are ideal for pastures, crops, gardens, lawns and more. The products use nanotechnology to make the active ingredient more readily available at application. Due to their molecular nanotech enhancements, Royal-Grow products are 10 to 12 times more efficient and effective. Even in drought, ranchers were able to produce two tons of forage efficiently. The line of various fertilizers are herbicide compatible and have a salt content of 2 percent or lower. For more information, circle A on the Reader Reply Coupon, call a local sales representative, or visit

Reinventing the funnel

As a frustrated cook trying to pour cooking oil back into its container, inventor Dale Hester realized there had to be a better way than wobbly funnels that sloshed and spilled, leaving him with an oily mess to clean. His frustration fueled his motivation to create the WonderFunnel, a no-wobble funnel system hailed as the world's most useful, innovative multi-purpose funnel.

The WonderFunnel from Hester Enterprises, LLC, Oklahoma City, Okla., features five patent-pending design features that make it the perfect funnel for cooks, mechanics, painters, and more. Most notably, this versatile funnel features the Secure Lid system that stabilizes the funnel, securing it on to virtually any container to eliminate "funnel-wobble." The Secure Lid feature allows users to keep both hands on the pouring container for steadier pouring and virtually no spills--an invaluable feature for those handling hazardous or toxic liquids.

With its interchangeable parts and numerous adapter attachments, the WonderFunnel can be used as a regular funnel, hose funnel, barrel funnel, or Secure Lid funnel. Available attachments include:

--Barrel Adapter Attachment, which allows the WonderFunnel to screw securely to all 16-, 3-, and 55-gallon drums or any container with three-quarter-inch threaded opening.

--Turkey and Fish Fry Kit, which contains food-grade, dishwasher safe materials and filter nets. Available in a 10-inch size for outdoor frying and a 6-inch size for indoor kitchen use.

--Hanging Chain and Hose Attachments, which simplify oil changes by the detachable hanging chain and the 26-inch clear flexible hose. The 10-inch WonderFunnel holds both gallon and 5 quart oil containers, and the 3-wing divider allows mechanics to drain three quart bottles at once.

Other available components include a cut-off valve, quart oil adapter, screen washer filter, and more.

WonderFunne also features the ability to attach to any common garden hose. The threads on the funnel are MGH (Male Garden Hose) compatible, allowing users to attach any hose or to use one of the clear 26-inch flexible hoses available in special WonderFunnel kits.

For more information, call 405-613-7000 or visit

Fungicide at planting controls cotton root rot

As Texas growers prepare to plant cotton, for the first time ever, many of them know that cotton root rot won't decimate their fields. Under a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Section 18 Emergency Exemption, they will apply TOPGUARD Fungicide at planting to control cotton root rot, a mid-season yield-robber.

TOPGUARD, made by Cheminova, was used in Texas for the first time in 2012 under a Section 18 Emergency Exemption. EPA granted a second Section 18 in 2013 for TOPGUARD to be used at planting.

Austin Clary, who grows cotton in Uvalde and Medina Counties, used TOPGUARD in 2012. "We'd been so desperate for a remedy to root rot that I was willing to try it," says Clary.

He applied TOPGUARD at planting, in a T-Band application. As the season progressed, Clary scouted his fields and found almost no sign of cotton root rot. "It's proven to work very well," he said.

"TOPGUARD is going to make cotton more of an option on a lot more acres," he said. "There are fields that we would have never thought about planting to cotton that we can plant to cotton now."

Prior to TOPGUARD, Clary's only choice was to grow less cotton and plant more fields to corn and cabbage, two crops not affected by cotton root rot. Nearly half of his cotton fields had been damaged by cotton root rot, caused by a fungus that persists in the soil year after year.

Clary's struggles with cotton root rot aren't unusual. "We have some areas where it has been almost impossible to grow cotton because of root rot," said Mark Nemec of MJN Consulting Service in Hewitt, Texas. The emergency exemption for TOPGUARD is enabling growers to produce cotton again in these areas, he added.

For more information, call a local Cheminova representative, or visit

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