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Massey Ferguson, a brand of AGCO, has introduced the 1700E series economy compact tractors with models ranging from 24 to 38.5 engine horsepower. The tractor has two transmission choices, a mechanical with nine forward and three reverse speeds, and a three-range hydrostatic. The 1700E series has an upgraded hydraulics, open-center hydraulics, a 540-RPM rear power take-off and an improved three-point hitch. All tractor models can be equipped with a front loader and two remote valves for connecting and powering additional mounted or pull-type hydraulic implements. For more information, circle A in the Reader Reply Coupon, see a dealer or visit


Precision placement tool introduced

NuTech Seed, LLC, of Ames, Iowa, is launching YieldLeader, a web-based precision placement tool program powered by MyFarms, to its dealers and customers this season.

MyFarms serves growers and their suppliers by delivering security, accuracy and convenience. With the help of their dealer, growers can review, select and place NuTech Seed hybrids based on soil type, management practices, diseases and pests, as well as desired agronomic characteristics. The program helps NuTech Seed growers increase their accuracy and efficiency, while increasing yield potential and adding convenience.

The NuTech YieldLeader tool runs on any web-accessible electronic device. For more information, circle C in the Reader Reply Coupon, see a seed dealer or visit

Silage storage efficiency system available

The decision to cover silage in a bunker silo or drive-over pile is not difficult to make, but choosing the right covering material can be now thanks to results of a multi-study analysis comparing total oxygen barrier film, made by Madison, Wis.-based Silostop and standard polyethylene film.

The analysis, published recently in the journal Grass and Forage Science showed that Silostop’s total oxygen barrier film, was superior to standard polyethylene film in minimizing silage dry matter (DM) losses, reducing visible spoilage and improving aerobic stability of silage stored in bunkers and piles. Results included:

Reduced dry matter losses during storage and feedout. Average losses of dry matter or organic matter from the top 4 to 24 inches (10 to 60 centimeters) of silage in bunkers and piles were 19.5 percent for standard film and 11.4 percent for total oxygen barrier film.

Less visible spoilage. Inedible silage that had to be discarded from the top surface of the silos was 10.7 percent for standard film and 3 percent for total oxygen barrier film.

Increased aerobic stability. Aerobic stability averaged 75 hours for silage stored under standard film and 135 hours for silage stored under total oxygen barrier film. This represented an improvement in aerobic stability of 2.5 days for total oxygen barrier film. The researchers say the improved aerobic stability was most likely due to restricted yeast and mold growth in stored silage.

For more information, circle E in the Reader Reply Coupon, call 866-912-0358 or visit

Effect of abiotic stress reduced with product

One of Alltech’s crop science products has successfully defended a patent in Europe for its ability to reduce the effects of abiotic stress in plants.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office officially granted the patent for the technology found in Soil-Set, a biodiscretionary technology that includes specific bacterial metabolites such as natural enzymatic compounds that aid in root development and improve growth by activating soil microflora. The product was developed by Alltech Crop Science, Lexington, Ky. Abiotic stress on a plant is caused from non-biological conditions, such as soil salinity resulting from mineral depletion and erosion, drought, floods, heating or early and late frost.

Actively focusing on research and development, Alltech Crop Science provides natural-based products, technical information and solutions for agronomic and horticultural challenges facing producers worldwide.

For more information, circle D in the Reader Reply Coupon, see representative or visit

Software package helps manage ag resources

HerdStar, Mankato, Minn., has released Grow/Finish software, GF Pro Vision. The newest version, GF Pro Vision, has been modified to give the user insight into large amounts of information and helping to maximize the profitability of the operation.

The “Next Generation” solution brings simplicity, efficiency and practical business management information to pork producers so they can effectively manage their operation. GF Pro Vision allows for easier login on any device, such as a computer, tablet or mobile device. The web-based program has easy to learn data entry along with the ability to customize reports. GF Pro Vision now has even easier importing and exporting capabilities for feed and carcass data, mill and packer imports, and feed invoices. The latest version has low maintenance and operational costs along with no big upfront fees. Many different types of data can be analyzed by this software including feed budget compliance, tracking pharmaceutical use and marketing management aids. The program is designed for the mid-sized operator.

For more information, contact a dealer or visit

Herbicide available to fight Italian ryegrass

BASF announced that Zidua herbicide has received federal registration from the Environmental Protection Agency for spring and winter wheat.

Zidua herbicide provides wheat growers with a tool to fight tough to control weeds like Italian ryegrass, annual bluegrass and canarygrass. In addition, Zidua herbicide suppresses many broadleaf and grasses in wheat including brome species, wild oat, foxtail species, kochia, pigweed, chickweed, henbit and wild mustard. Zidua herbicide was previously registered only for use in corn and soybeans.

Zidua herbicide uses a class of chemistry—pyroxasulfone. More than 10 years of research and field trials by Research Triangle Park, N.C.-based BASF have demonstrated that Zidua herbicide provides residual control of resistant weeds like Italian ryegrass.

Zidua herbicide is an inhibitor of long-chain fatty acids that controls susceptible germinating seedlings as they emerge from the soil. It is recommended for use in wheat as a delayed pre-emergence or post-emergence application. Zidua herbicide is a tank-mix partner for growers seeking extra residual activity on tough weeds in wheat.

For more information, circle F in the Reader Reply Coupon, see a representative or visit

Defensive traits, seed treatment options help protect yield potential

To maximize return from their soybean acres, growers are looking for higher soybean yields, and DuPont Pioneer soybean breeders are delivering with a class of products available in 2014. These varieties continue the Pioneer pursuit of improved yield potential while offering the agronomic and defensive traits needed to protect the potential.

The 2014 lineup contains 44 new T Series varieties, ranging in maturity from Group 00 to Group 5. While the plant breeding emphasis is on high-yield potential, the lineup includes a range of defensive traits growers can tailor to localized challenges in their individual fields.

An expanded offering of herbicide tolerant traits are available, including products with the original Roundup Ready, Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield, LibertyLink and DuPont STS technologies.

In addition, Pioneer is introducing four products that feature the Plenish high oleic trait. This trait allows growers in participating processor areas to contract Plenish soybeans for the high oleic oil market, providing oil alternatives to food and industrial markets. The Pioneer T Series products carry resistance or tolerance to key yield-robbing diseases and pests, including Phytophthora root rot, soybean cyst nematode (SCN), sudden death syndrome, brown stem rot, iron chlorosis and frogeye leaf spot.

For more information, circle B in the Reader Reply Coupon, see a representative or visit


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