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New herbicides available for corn

FMC Corporation has received Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval of two new herbicides, Anthem and Anthem ATZ, for corn.

Anthem herbicides are the result of several years of planning, research and development. A preplant, preemergence and early postemergence herbicide for corn, Anthem has two different modes of action, providing an excellent weed management tool for broad-spectrum weed control, resistance management and a lower-use rate range. Anthem ATZ adds the spectrum of atrazine in a patent-pending formulation that mixes and handles easily.

Anthem use rates are approximately four times less than traditional residual corn herbicides and studies show that Anthem performs exceptionally well at these low rates. The low-use rate means growers and custom applicators can get more acres sprayed in a day, which is critical during the busy spring.

Previous test plots have provided strong in-field results on the efficacy of these herbicides. "Anthem and Anthem ATZ could set a new standard for broad-spectrum, long-lasting grass and broadleaf weed control in corn, providing growers with more effective control resulting in higher yields," said Bob Hooten, technical support manager for FMC Agricultural Products.

In-field results from 2011 and 2012 test plots for Anthem and Anthem ATZ have demonstrated excellent crop safety. Studies indicate that Anthem herbicides are effective, convenient products with application flexibility for all tillage systems. This summer, growers and retailers are seeing first-hand the effectiveness of Anthem herbicides at test plots hosted by FMC.

"Test plots hosted in various soil types and geographical areas continue to allow FMC to gather additional research data, examine the efficacy and further develop our crop protection products," said Hooten.

There are more than 90 research test plots in 2012 across a broad geography on a wide range of soil types and in both irrigated and non-irrigated acres.

For more information, circle X on the Reader Reply Coupon, call a local sales representative or visit

New app searches for used equipment

Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co., Inc., recently launched "MurphyUsed," a free mobile-based application solution to view used equipment inventory, from Android devices. Customers can quickly and easily view unit descriptions, current pricing, condition reports and photos of each machine.

"We are pleased to provide customers with increased accessibility from the new app, allowing us to better connect with users, greatly enhancing customer satisfaction," said Max Miller, vice president of Used Equipment.

In order to install the app, users just need to visit the Google Play Store from their Android devices ( There they should search for the phrase, "MurphyUsed" and the MurphyUsed logo will appear. From there, just click "download/install."

The download works best while on a wireless connection, due to the large volume of data.

For more information, call 800-205-6784, or visit

New technology helps farmers manage water resources

As farmers think about 2013, water allocation and appropriate seed selection to fit individual fields are top of mind. Fontanelle agronomists are taking lessons learned from 2012 to help farmers design 2013 agronomic systems to precisely match subsoil water moisture with the best suited seed choices.

"Many Nebraska farmers have a finite amount of water to use, which requires a strategic approach to irrigation," said Nick Lammers, Fontanelle agronomist. "In 2012 we looked at methods for gauging water in the subsoil to better understand the root dynamics below the soil. This allows farmers to help maximize the efficiency of water applied."

Fontanelle takes great pride in providing not only the right product but also helpful tools that support farmers' success.

One of those tools is the Aqua View system, which includes capacitance moisture probes to precisely monitor irrigated water applications for the best corn yield potential. This system involves inserting field probes that gauge water below the soil and gather mapping data to provide more details to help manage the crop throughout the growing season. Certified Water Consultants work through the growing season to interpret the data and advise farmers on appropriate watering schedules. Using Aqua View from Fontanelle, farmers have more information to make critical production decisions.

"In 2012 sometimes farmers would think that water should be applied more quickly because it was so hot and dry," Lammers said. "In reality, they needed to slow down because evaporation was so high. The Aqua View probe helped show them how to maximize the economic efficiency of water."

Using Aqua View, farmers can determine if they want to pre-irrigate prior to the growing season and how much they need to water in-season. In some parts of Nebraska, Lammers said farmers are discussing the option of putting out water early if weather is warm enough to allow application without freezing irrigation equipment.

"If we can apply some water out there early and let it soak into the soil profile, it may give us a subsoil reserve for our stress critical growth stages," Lammers explained. "In a normal year we have that reserve from Mother Nature, but it isn't there this year in a lot of fields. Other farmers may choose to manage water needs by irrigating just a portion of the field and planting a higher seed population in those areas.

"It's important for farmers to get their local seed representative out to analyze their fields. Finding the right seed variety to match soil types and moisture levels is critical," Lammers said. He points out that specific seed varieties perform very differently under various soil and moisture conditions.

Lammers has many ideas to prepare for 2013, but bottom line, using tools and information provided by your local Fontanelle representative, such as a water probe, field mapping and proper seed selection can help make the most efficient decisions for each field.

The Aqua View system allows satellite mapping, or NDVI imaging. An infrared photo is taken every two weeks and indicates field conditions. For example, the imaging and resulting computer maps can pinpoint situations where there may be: disease or insect infestation developing; nutrient or water deficiencies; or sprinkler problems on pivots in certain areas of a field that may not be getting enough water.

For more information, call a local sales representative or visit or

New nutrient management products now available

Monty's Plant Food Company, manufacturer of plant and soil enhancement and specialty products for the agriculture industry, continues to expand its offerings. The company recently received trademark privileges from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for Agrihance.

Agrihance, a line of nutrient management products, was introduced by Monty's last fall. The program features three products--Agrihance-S, -V and -R--to promote growth from planting to harvest during key growth stages.

"Agrihance is already proving to be very popular among our farmers and dealers," said Dennis Stephens, president, Monty's Plant Food Company. "It works on most crops, is easy to use and the name makes it easy to remember."

Agrihance-S is a seed starter that is designed to create the environment for rapid germination, seedling vigor, root development and stamina.

Agrihance-V is a foliar plant food designed to deliver readily available nutrients to your crop during the vegetative stage to increase vegetative growth and yield. Agrihance-V may also assist during stress periods increasing opportunities for maximized yields.

Agrihance-R is also a foliar plant food. It is designed to deliver nutrients to improve the maturation process during the reproductive stage, develop and maintain blooms, increase fruit set and grain development.

All Agrihance products offer Monty's signature Tank-Mix Flexibility and are compatible with most agricultural products, such as micronutrients, adjuvants, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides, for maximum crop management. They are based upon Monty's proven proprietary technologies and are specially formulated to assist crop growth at the various stages.

Founded in 1997, Monty's has experienced significant growth in agriculture boasting strong field trial results and testimonials from growers throughout the country. Monty's also offers plant and soil products for horticulture, lawn and garden and turf industries.

For more information, call a local sales representative or visit


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