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A new option for spring deworming

LONGRANGE, from Merial, is the first extended-release injectable cattle dewormer that provides cattle producers season-long persistent parasite control for 100 to 150 days in a single dose, dependent on parasite species.

Joe Dedrickson, DVM, Ph.D., Merial Veterinary Professional Services, said it is important to consider timing when developing a deworming protocol. "In parasite control, timing is everything," Dedrickson said. "Controlling parasites at spring turnout is an important cost-effective way to boost calf weaning weights and gain reproductive efficiencies in cow herds. When used at turnout, LONGRANGE helps protects against infective larvae in the pasture longer than any other product currently on the market."

LONGRANGE is able to provide extended protection all season long as a result of its unique THERAPHASE Technology, a formulation that allows the dewormer to go to work immediately and continue to work up to 100 to 150 days, dependent on species. To get the same level of control with conventional products, three or more applications are needed, each one timed to start working before the last one wears off.

"In the southern United States, the first deworming should ideally take place in the spring to help protect cattle from infective larvae on pastures and help reduce pasture parasite loads," said Dr. Dedrickson. "To help manage parasite loads on the pasture, it is important for cattle producers to understand the parasite life cycle when developing a deworming strategy."

It takes about 100 days of continuous parasite control to break the parasite life cycle and begin to reduce the parasite burden on the pasture.

The parasite protection LONGRANGE provides lasts long enough to help break the parasite life cycle and reduce parasite burdens on the pasture.

"The resulting benefit of breaking the parasite life cycle is better-performing cattle throughout the grazing season and pastures with lower parasite loads," Dedrickson said. "Strategically dewormed beef cattle have been shown to produce more milk, have improved feed efficiency, improved reproductive efficiency, produce higher carcass quality and have a stronger immune system to fight off other diseases."

Because every producer's situation is unique, Dedrickson recommended consulting with a veterinarian when developing a deworming strategy, and suggests keeping the following in mind: "The time of year when grazing season begins, age and category of the animals, type of operation and grazing history of the pasture are all considerations to discuss."

For more information, call a local animal health professional or visit

New soybean advancements now available

A new series of Pioneer brand soybean products, developed through the DuPont Pioneer Accelerated Yield Technology (AYT) process, will bring soybean growers across North America a broad range of high yielding varieties. The new line of soybean products--named the T Series--includes 39 new products and will be introduced in this year.

Signaling an exciting new era in soybean production, the T Series supports soybean growers committed to seeking the right product for the right acre on their soybean fields. Available in seven maturity groups, T Series products represent the largest number of soybean varieties advanced in a single year by Pioneer. The new T Series varieties succeed the popular Pioneer Y Series soybeans introduced several years ago.

"The next generation T Series soybean products provides growers a total package that helps them gain the most from every acre," said Don Schafer, DuPont Pioneer senior marketing manager, soybeans. "A step change from earlier offerings, the T Series is a direct result of the AYT system that allows Pioneer soybean breeders to maximize yield potential, agronomic traits and resistance to yield-robbing pests."

Employing environment-specific markers to help optimize yields by geography, the AYT process pinpoints native trait genes for increased defensive trait protection and improved pest resistance packages tailored for specific geographies. AYT employs novel trait integration through a proprietary matrix of gene mapping, molecular breeding technologies and intense local field testing. The system is a key part of a comprehensive plan to accelerate yield gain and broaden resistance to key diseases and insects.

Among the new class of T Series soybeans, 34 varieties will carry the Roundup Ready gene. There are two new Plenish high oleic varieties, five new products with the LibertyLink gene and two new varieties with the Roundup Ready/STSTM stack. Also, 32 products are soybean cyst nematode (SCN) resistant and 29 carry a major Phytophthora-resistant gene. All T Series products will be available with proven, performance-boosting Pioneer Premium Seed Treatment products.

To distinguish the new T Series varieties, Pioneer initiated a new soybean product numbering system similar to the current nomenclature used for Pioneer brand corn products. The new system will use key identifiers, enabling growers to easily determine maturity and technologies. T Series soybean varieties will be denoted with the letter T in the middle of the product number.

For more information, call a sales professional or visit

Corn heads improve grain capture

As advanced genetics raise yield potential for corn hybrids, Drago Corn Heads have raised the bar to optimize grain capture and manage increased material volume. The bar moves even higher with the introduction of the new Drago Series II Corn Head with Kernel Capture Technology, an innovative system that provides superior kernel flow and maximum grain savings.

Kernel Capture Technology in the new Drago Series II are enhancements that deliver a productive harvest under the toughest conditions like variable plant size and down and tangled crops.

The newest aspect of Drago Kernel Capture Technology found in the Series II is the precision-fit Kernel Barrier placed at the base of the redesigned, snug bonnet and snout. This enhances smooth grain flow while preventing kernel loss for maximum grain retention. Drago Corn Heads have an industry-leading reputation because they are the only corn heads in the world to feature automatic self-adjusting deck plates. Spring pistons consistently adjust wide deck plates to securely fit the size of each incoming plant while centering the stalk for optimum ear removal.

With each pass through the field, the self-adjusting deck plates automatically make thousands of accurate, precise decisions for the operator. University studies show deck-plate gaps as slight as one-eighth of an inch can result in yield losses of up to four bushels an acre.

Drago low-velocity knife rollers featured in the Series II are up to 50 percent longer than those in traditional corn heads. Longer rolls and a lower profile give Drago Corn Heads more time to process the plant without reducing ground speed.

An innovative knife-to-knife design pinches stalks, pulling them straight down to the auger at the slowest speeds in the industry, reducing ear bounce and butt shelling. Shafer adds that no-till farmers especially appreciate the pinch and pull function of the knife rollers, which breaks stalks down into the ideal size for cover residue. With the Drago Series II Corn Heads, stalk chopping is done after the ear is removed which is another feature that helps ensure grain capture and kernel integrity.

Kernel Capture Technology from Drago may be found through the entire product line including header options such as down-corn augers, tall corn kits, auger covers and flex fingers that help growers optimize equipment to match harvest conditions.

In high-residue situations, an optional, rear-mounted stalk chopper can be added to any Drago Series II model. The chopping system features Kernel Capture Technology to improve grain retention and chopping quality while supplying more options for residue sizing.

Kernel Capture Technology positions the Drago Series II Corn Head up to six degrees lower than the industry standard, allowing it to travel closer to down or tangled crops. New, wrench-free adjustment knobs are spring loaded making it easy to add extra down pressure to the snout when going after lodged corn.

The low-profile design gathers the hardest-to-reach grain in the field, and then gives those ears a smooth transition from the head to the auger.

For more information, call a local dealer or visit

Study shows product can add weight to steers

A new study analysis provides the most comprehensive information on the ability of Optaflexx to improve weight gain and boost performance in steers. Data of this quantity on the performance attributes of Optaflexx is available to the industry for the first time and shows that producers can add 22.5 pounds live weight and 20.3 pounds hot carcass weight to steers with minimal effects on meat quality.

"This analysis is a great tool for producers to use when discussing Optaflexx implementation and inclusion level with their nutritionist or feed advisor," said Nathan Pyatt, PhD and Elanco beef technical consultant. "With feed costs and beef prices where they are today, feed efficiency and gain are more important than ever to producers."

The analysis incorporated 32 trials encompassing 26,483 head of cattle. The responses observed with Optaflexx showed an improvement in animal performance and carcass weight gain as the level of Optaflexx increased. Specifically, when compared to the control, Optaflexx fed to steers at 200 mg/hd/d improved feed efficiency 14 percent, increased live weight gain 15.0 pounds and hot carcass weight 13.5 pounds. Optaflexx fed to steers at 300 mg/hd/d improved feed efficiency 16 percent, increased live weight gain 22.5 pounds and hot carcass weight 20.3 pounds.

"The 32 trials analyzed met specific criteria such as pen-level data, a negative control group and at least one Optaflexx treatment that was fed according to the label," said Pyatt. "A meta-analysis inversely weighs each study according to the amount of variation it has, so the less variation there was in a study, the more weight the study was given in this analysis."

In a highly dynamic marketplace, Optaflexx is the only beta-agonist that offers more management options, allowing producers to respond to changes in the market while optimizing both live and carcass performance during the final 28 to 42 days cattle are on feed.

For more information, call a local sales representative or visit


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