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S.I. Distributing Inc., Spencerville, Ohio, has introduced a full line of the MagnoJet ceramic spray nozzles at affordable prices. They are constructed with 99 percent alumina ceramic that outlasts stainless steel by 15 times and plastic by five times. All MagnoJet spray nozzles are pre-orificed, which reduces internal pressure, producing large droplets, which can reduce drift by 50 percent. A full line of standard and air inducted spray nozzles, flat fan, twin outlet, super turbo and flood deflector are available in ceramic. For more information, call 800-368-7773 or visit


SoilPro 100 from Valley Irrigation of Valley, Neb., recently won an AE50 innovation design award from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. Valley SoilPro 100 is a low-cost solution for developing markets and growers new to center pivot and linear irrigation. It uses components to provide growers with soil moisture information, without the need for computerized pivot controls or Internet access. SoilPro 100 combines a soil moisture sensor and a programmable cellular modem to monitor soil water conditions. Farmers receive SMS text messages when the sensor measures either dry or saturated conditions. For more information, contact a dealer or visit

Innovative delivery system ups planting speed

A seed delivery system in development by Precision Planting, Tremont, Ill., promises to allow growers to plant corn and soybeans much faster than is possible with seed tubes.

Jason Stoller, Precision Planting Engineering product manager for the new SpeedTube, said the available time for optimum spring planting is both limited and critical, and larger planters are not the answer to growing farm sizes. But planting speed is limited by the constraints of the seed tube, because high speeds lead to poor spacing.

SpeedTube solves these problems by controlling the seed all the way from the meter to the furrow. Feeder wheels at the top grab the seed from the disk and pull it into a flighted belt that deposits it in bottom of the trench. The SpeedTube belt spins at a rate that increases and decreases with planter speed and seeding rates, ensuring that the seed placement is optimal.

More details will follow after the spring planting season.

For more information, contact a dealer or visit

Independent seed firm adds corn hybrids

Wyffels Hybrids, Geneseo, Ill., has 15 new products, including seven base genetics, for the 2014 growing season.

The products include hybrids featuring Genuity, SmartStax, Genuity VT Triple PRO and Genuity VT Double PRO traits, which are available as Wyffels Refuge in Bag (RIB). The lineup also includes conventional hybrids. All are designed for corn growers in Illinois, Iowa and surrounding areas.

Early-season hybrids include W1780—95RM (CONV), W2270-99RM (CONV) and W2888RIB—102RM (GENSS). Their traits include versatility and yields for various soil types, drought resistance and standability.

Mid-season hybrids include W3006RIB—103RM (GENVT2P), W3998RIB—105RM (GENSS), W5138RIB—108RM (GENSS), W6480—109RM (CONV), W6628RIB—110 RM (GENSS)/W6626RIB—110RM (GENVT2P), W6916RIB—111RM (GENVT2P) and W7718RIB—112RM (GENSS). Their traits include versatility and yield as well as drought resistance and resistance to Goss’ wilt for various soil types.

Late-season hybirds include W7736RIB—113RM (GENVT2P), W7888RIB-114RM (GENSS) and W8557RIB—115RM (GENVT3P) and W8550—114RM (CONV). Traits include drought resistance, production performance, root strength and sturdy stock growth.

Producers should visit with company representatives about the traits available for each hybrid. For more information, contact a representative or visit

Companies collaborate to help farmers with data

Helping farmers get more value per acre through the analysis of production data is the goal of a collaboration announced between Dow AgroSciences LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company and John Deere.

The companies will work together to develop approaches and technology that will deliver data and provide information to farmers that will assist in the execution of site-specific applications to improve yields and manage costs.

Dow AgroSciences has signed on to leverage the MyJohnDeere platform and cloud-based technologies for future delivery of customized prescriptions tailored to the grower’s environment.

The agreement helps Dow AgroSciences’ customers take full advantage of the company’s products through placement of technology into specific environments based on a farmer’s field conditions. Bringing together production information with analysis from company experts and channel partners will enable product recommendations from a portfolio of corn hybrids.

The precision enables effective management of inputs and the ability to monitor crop development.

In 2012, John Deere introduced MyJohnDeere as a comprehensive information platform to help agricultural producers improve yields and operational efficiency by enabling the management of equipment data, production data and farm operations.

The online platform allows producers to analyze yield variability, access decision support tools and collaborate with their agronomic advisers to improve their bottom line.

For more information, contact a representantive or visit and

'Leaders of In-Furrow Technology' initiative launched

West Central, Willmar, Minn., has announced the Leaders of In-Furrow Technology (LIFT) program. In partnership with BASF Corporation, FMC and Nufarm, West Central is helping the agriculture industry further understand the benefits of an in-furrow application that includes: a total program of crop nutrients, plant health products, fertilizer-compatible insecticides and customized seed treatments to get seeds off to the best start and help growers maximize yields.

Capitalizing upon West Central’s knowledge and experience with the in-furrow approach to supplying crop inputs as well as partnering with other leading agricultural companies, the LIFT program offers retailers and growers an agronomically sound information base to maximize yields. Each component of the LIFT program offers its own individual benefits that only become stronger when combined in the furrow.

According to West Central market research, approximately 25 percent of acres planted in the United States include application of liquid fertilizer in-furrow. It is likely the number will grow to about 50 percent by the year 2020.

West Central and its partners will sponsor an array of options related to in-furrow technology, including: online modules for cutting-edge practices on in-furrow technology as well as CCA accreditation, incentives for equipment to make the transition to in-furrow more seamless, and opportunities for in-person meetings plus ongoing information updates.

For more information, see a representative or visit


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