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A new grain level monitor has been introduced by Custom Marketing Company, West Fargo, N.D. The Grain Gauge level monitor checks the level of materials in storage bins. As the material in the bin reaches the level device, it pushes against the activator, turning the color from black to green—even glowing in the dark at night for clear visibility. When the material unloads, it will return to black. The gauge can be installed at multiple levels along the bin wall at key levels. For more information, call 800-359-1785 or visit


Soil stabilizer can boost efficiency

Terra Novo, a manufacturer of erosion and sediment-control products in Bakersfield, Calif., is adding SoilMAX Plus to its SoilMAX line of soil-stabilizing polymers for agricultural applications. The formulation stabilizes farm, turf and nursery soil structures for increased water infiltration and nutrient movement through the root zone while protecting the soil from crusting and erosion.

SoilMAX Plus can be added directly to soil, worked into the ground during field preparation before planting or the first irrigation. SoilMAX keeps soil soft and conditioned, stops the formation of a crust, reduces the amount of water needed for irrigation and decreases the labor and equipment costs associated with ground preparation. SoilMAX Plus stops field erosion, keeping pesticides, fertilizers and nutrients from running off. SoilMAX Plus reduces costs and maintains aggregate stability and porosity so that water goes directly to the root zone rather than running off. The result is premium performance and profits at a fraction of the cost of conventional mechanical treatments.

Terra Novo manufactures four additives: SoilMAX, SoilMAX Plus, SoilMAX Liquid and SoilMAX Plus Liquid. SoilMAX and SoilMAX Plus can be worked into the soil before the first irrigation, while SoilMAX Liquid and SoilMAX Plus Liquid are ideal for use in sprinklers and low-flow irrigation systems. A lighter version called Agriflo can be mixed with fertilizers, sprayed directly on seed beds or applied during irrigation to prevent crusting and improve germination.

For more information, contact a representative or visit

Irrigation company offers management application

T-L Irrigation Co., a Hastings, Neb., manufacturer of hydrostatically powered pivot and linear irrigation systems, has offers VRI application, the latest advancement in web-based irrigation management and services combined with T-L’s family of pivot management control systems.

Developed by CropMetrics, the Precision Irrigation Management services provided, when coupled with the Precision Link and the Precision Point III (PPC III) Control Panel from T-L, allow irrigation management with data-driven VRI prescription. The system offers:

Agronomic VRI control that is facilitated with CropMetrics Precision Irrigation Management Services;

New one-time CropMetrics VRI Rx App lifetime license;

Improved energy and water use efficiency; and

Increased yield.

Data-driven VRI prescriptions with Cropmetrics, Precision Link, and PPC III, combined with T-L’s hydrostatic design and continuous system movement help improve crop production, and provide highly effective application solutions with precision agronomic irrigation management.

For more information, see a dealer or visit

Grain cart system, machines can share data

Raven Industries Inc., Sioux Falls, S.D., and Unverferth Manufacturing Co. Inc., Kalida, Ohio, have introduced UHarvest: a first-of-its-kind grain cart system that provides more accurate yield data and streamlines how data is shared between machines in the field.

UHarvest is the first grain cart system to integrate a moisture sensor on the cart itself, which provides an operator with more accurate yield data as it is loaded from the combine. UHarvest will be available this year. The system is designed to be:

—ISObus compatible. UHarvest works with existing virtual terminals already in the cab, reducing cab clutter and eliminating the need for a stand-alone monitor.

—Tablet interface. Output from multiple grain carts in the field will now sync together, providing instant and accurate data for field records and accounting to interface on Windows, Android or Apple tablet devices.

—Streamlined data management. Manage data from a single grower or the whole farm with field data structure and the ability to track operators and individual grain cart data along with other equipment and the data collected by them.

—Powered by Slingshot. Connectivity in the field with Slingshot allows data to flow wirelessly, removing the need to transfer via USB devices, and provides important yield data even faster and more efficiently. Slingshot allows access to this data through a secured, online account that owners and managers can access wherever they have an internet connection.

For more information, contact a dealer or visit or

Researchers develop custom product testing

Custom methods developed by Des Moines, Iowa-based DuPont Pioneer corn researchers to breed Optimum AQUAmax products are being used to target other yield-robbing, environmental and disease stresses.

During the testing of OptimumAQUAmax products—which are helping farmers grow corn in stressful, water-limited environments—a research program, called managed stress environment testing, was developed.

Managed stress environment testing is not a standard operating procedure. It is unique to Pioneer for evaluating new products for specific corn stresses. Pioneer researchers use managed stress environment testing to evaluate corn responses to abiotic stresses associated with limited nitrogen availability, to important corn diseases and to plant damage from strong windstorms. Traditionally, corn breeders relied on diverse environments in widely scattered research locations to get close to a real-world evaluation of overall hybrid performance.

In developing the research tactics for managed stress environment testing, a cadre of methodologies—under the umbrella of the Accelerated Yield Technology (AYT) system—plays a central role. Acting as a filter to sort out specific environmental screens for disease, genetics, fertility and drought, the AYT system tests all phases of corn product development. Testing methods incorporate genetic mapping, marker assisted selection, whole genome modeling and precision phenotyping, among others.

The AYT system helps researchers pinpoint the product candidates that have the needed traits to advance and, conversely, the hybrids that can be removed from the group.

With data indicating the hybrid candidates most likely to succeed, researchers then move potential products into the testing phase of managed stress environment testing.

For more information, contact a company representative or visit


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