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Dry granular glyphosate formulations new to U.S. market

An established U.S. supplier of generic glyphosate, Glysorita LLC, Hudson, Wis., introduces two dry granular glyphosate formulations based on an ammonium salt, new to the United States market.

U.S. farmers are familiar with glyphosate, but generally have had access to the compound in the form of a liquid isopropylamine salt. Worldwide, glyphosate as an ammonium salt has often been the preferred choice of producers in Australia, Argentina and other parts of South America.

"In recent years, a number of new salts have been introduced to the market in an effort to increase the concentration per gallon of glyphosate. Potassium and other mixed salts are readily available in liquid form from a number of manufacturers," said Rick Beardmore, Glysortia CEO. "Our granular formulation is the only glyphosate DG on the market in the United States." A major advantage is the concentration obtained. Beardmore said one truckload of the DG treats 40,000 acres compared to just 16,000 for a truckload of liquid totes.

Glysortia will offer two formulations: an 88.8% formulation with 80% acid, and a 77.7% formulation with 70% acid.

Advantages of the ammonium salt version of glyphosate include:

--Ability to be obtained as a dry granular formulation for ease-of-handling;

--No concerns about product freezing to eliminate storage concerns at dealers or on-farm;

--High concentration of active ingredient in a compact package;

--When the product is added to water, it cannot separate out of the solution, reducing screen or nozzle clogging.

The product will be available in an easily disposed plastic bag designed to treat 40 acres at a rate of approximately one pound/acre. Distribution will be available throughout the U.S. through established distributors and their dealerships.

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FDA approves Baytril 100 for SRD pathogens

Baytril 100 (enrofloxacin) Injectable, manufactured by Bayer HealthCare LLC, Animal Health division recently received FDA approval for treatment and control of swine respiratory disease (SRD) associated with bacterial pathogens Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae (M. Hyo) and Bordetella bronchiseptica (B. bronchiseptica).

"M. hyo causes mycoplasmal pneumonia of swine (MPS), or enzootic pneumonia, throughout the world and can become problematic if left untreated," said Dr. Andy Holtcamp, Bayer senior veterinarian, technical services. "These recent FDA approvals for Baytril 100 to treat and control SRD associated with M. hyo and B. bronchiseptica now provide swine producers and veterinarians a powerful tool to treat and control six major swine pathogens."

The endemic, contagious respiratory diseases caused by M. hyo and B. bronchiseptica are spread by nose-to-nose contact, contaminated water or feed, as well as transmission from sows to piglets. Symptoms can include dry coughing, impaired growth rate and poor feed conversion. Secondary bacterial or viral infections commonly follow, which can result in more severe SRD.

"As a company, Bayer HealthCare Animal Health division is committed to providing quality solutions to the problems swine producers and swine veterinarians experience on an on-going basis," said Cary Christensen, DVM, Director, Food Animal Business Unit, Bayer. "These latest FDA approvals fortify the strength we continue to observe with Baytril 100 for treatment and control of SRD in swine herds."

Baytril 100 is an effective treatment tool in pigs which are eight to 12 weeks along in the finishing stage to help knock down the "10-Week Wall" of respiratory disease. In addition, producers may use Baytril 100 as a health management tool to control SRD in the nursery and the farrowing barn.

Baytril 100 is the only approved fluoroquinolone class of products labeled for use in swine. It is bactericidal, which is a term used to describe classes of drugs that reduce bacterial populations. Many other antibiotics are bacteriostatic, which do not kill bacteria but inhibit bacterial growth. Due to the mode of action of Baytril 100, it kills six major swine respiratory disease-causing bacteria in both the resting and growth phases of bacteria development by essentially killing the "heart" of the bacteria. Baytril 100 is approved for treating and controlling SRD associated with the following pathogens: Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae (M. hyo), Bordetella bronchiseptica (B. bronchiseptica), Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae (APP), Pasteurella multocida, Haemophilus parasuis and Streptococcus suis.

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New suite of smart phone apps target farmers

Farmer Apps, LLC is dedicated to creating various tools for farmers' and ranchers' smart phones.

The first of these tools is the Grain Bin Contents Estimator. The second is a Silage-Dry Matter Comparison Calculator. Others include the Live-to-Cut-Meat Estimator, Freight Estimator, Cotton Yield Estimator, Manure Pit Capacity Estimator. The apps are all available for iPhone/iPads via the iTunes appstore. Some are available on the Google Market for Androids and Blackberry Market for Blackberry smart phones. Eventually all will be available for all smart phones. The Company has a suite of six tools available and have many more planned.

The Grain Bin Contents Estimator app is designed to help farmers or others estimate the volume of grain in a bin. The user keys in the diameter and height of the bin in feet and inches. Also the user keys in the number of inches down to the average top of the grain in the bin. The user selects the type of grain (i.e. wheat, corn, soybean) and enters the test weight. And the user selects the type of bin whether it is a round bin with flat bottom, a round bin with cone bottom with 45 degree angle on the cone or a round bin with cone bottom with 60 degree angle on the cone. The user then clicks on calculate. The app returns the estimated capacity of the bin in cubic feet and bushels. And the estimated volume of the contents in cubic feet, bushels, CWT, tons, and metric tons. The estimates are plus or minus 5% precision.

The Silage Dry Matter Comparison app is designed to assist farmers either marketing or buying wet feed. The app uses one or two cases with input of actual weight in pounds, actual percent dry matter, basis percent dry matter, and price at basis. The app then calculates and returns the actual pounds of dry matter, the tons at basis (pay wt.), total cost, and the price at actual percent dry matter and price at 100 percent dry matter. This enables the user to compare two cases on an equal basis while on the go and from a smartphone or iPad.

The Freight Estimator has two sides, one for the farmer and for the grain hauler. The farmer can enter information about location and get an estimate for how much should be paid for freight. The grain hauler can enter information about the daily income requirements, mpg, and miles and get an an estimate on how much he should charge for a given load/destination.

The Live-to-Cut-Meat Estimator app takes the live weight of a meat animal for slaughter and calculates the average, and high low range for cold carcass weight and cut meat weight. If the cost of butchering, cost for cutting and wrapping and price per pound for the live animal is input, the app calculates the average cost per pound as well as the high low range.

The Cotton Yield Estimator asks questions about number of bolls in a fixed row length, row width and estimates the yield per acre as well as the yield for a field in pounds and bales.

Of interest to dairy farmers is the Manure Pit Capacity Estimator. With minimal input, the farmer can estimated the remaining capacity in a round or rectangular manure pit. With additional input, the app will calculate an estimate of total capacity as swell as current contents. This if useful for any confinement livestock operation that requires manure management.

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