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Helpful household tips

Dog hair remover: If you have a problem with dog hair on the couch or chairs or even yourself, put on an old rubber glove and run it over the furniture and your clothing. It will gather the hair and you can then dispose of it quite easily.

Bumper stickers: To remove old bumper stickers, use nail polish remover. It works quite well.

Kids cut the soda: My kids were drinking a case of soda a week and it was costing a small fortune. When I showed them the amount of money we were spending every year on “fizz water,” they decided to “give it up” if they could have the money for needed sports equipment (we struck a deal) and I am proud to say that they have never once asked for soda since they decided to stop. They did get the new equipment they wanted and my oldest has decided he’s feeling better since he’s not getting “all that sugar and chemical stuff.”

Cheap chewie: My kids have a new puppy. A rather large puppy, and asked me to get him a couple of “chew toys” the next time I went to town. Well, I looked at the prices and decided I could make my own. I bought about 3 feet of good heavy rope at the hardware store, took it home and cut it into two piece and then tied knots in the ropes. I had one of the boys help me so the knots were good and tight. Then I smeared some peanut butter on one of them and some bacon grease on the other one. By the time the dog had all the “goodie” licked and chewed off of the knots, his scent was all over the ropes and he’s still chewing on them months later.

Mark a tool: Nothing makes me madder than not being able to spot the tool that was left outside in the grass, weeds or the snow. I’ve pretty well solved that problem since the companies came out with all that brightly colored plastic tape in real wide width rolls. I’ve just wrapped the handles of my shovels, rakes, hoes, hammers, etc., with several different colors of the stuff. The neon really is bright and shows up. I’ve also discovered that the wrapping helps me to hang on to the tool handles easier because my hands don’t slip as much.

Cupcake cubes: I make ice cubes for the big drink pitchers and water coolers by freezing ice in a couple of metal non-stick cupcake tins. I fill them with water, freeze and they pop right out, and keep drinks cold for a long time.

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