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Doug Rich

Doug Rich


Doug Rich is a senior field editor from Lawrence, Kan., and has been with the Journal since 1978. He can be reached by phone at 785-749-5304, or by e-mail at richhpj@aol.com.

Governor unveils Draft II of Water Vision Plan

By Doug Rich Gov. Sam Brownback and the Kansas Water Office released the second draft of the long-term Vision for the Future of Water Supply in Kansas at the Governor’s Conference on the


299 Articles:

NOV 17, 2014 —Merck Animal Health releases Zilmax update

By Doug Rich Merck Animal Health released an update on the Zilmax Five-Step Plan on Nov. 5. The release stated significant progress has been made in the implementation of the Five-Step Plan. With [Read More]

NOV 10, 2014 —Drought research has a ring of truth

By Doug Rich Historical paleoclimates—climates that occurred before instrumental weather measurements were available—may hold the key to planning for future weather events, such as droughts in the High Plain [Read More]

NOV 10, 2014 —Demand for U.S. red meat remains high

By Doug Rich The U.S. Meat Export Federation held a press conference Nov. 4 in advance of its Strategic Planning Conference held in Arlington, Virginia, and experts noted that despite record high prices fo [Read More]

OCT 27, 2014 —Congested railways may not clear up until 2016

By Doug Rich Hobos have a better chance of catching a freight train out of the upper Midwest these days than a load of grain headed for export markets on the coast. Congestion on the rail [Read More]

OCT 20, 2014 —How old is your barn?

By Doug Rich Stories about old barns are a little like fish stories. Every time someone tells about the fish he caught, it gets an inch longer. Every time someone tells a story about his old barn, it gets 10 years older. Darrin Rubino, [Read More]

OCT 6, 2014 —See for yourself

By Doug Rich Seven cities and eight flights in nine days equaled a once in a lifetime opportunity for 10 young farmers from around the United States who were chosen to take part in the United Soybean Board’s (USB) See For Yourself (SFY) program. T [Read More]

OCT 6, 2014 —Soybean farmers see checkoff dollars at work

By Doug Rich From the banks of the Mississippi to Quito, Ecuador, the highest capital city in the world, the 2014 See For Yourself (SFY) trip sponsored by the United Soybean Board (USB) was a [Read More]

OCT 6, 2014 —K-State hosts annual Beef Stocker Field Day

By Doug Rich Cattlemen talking to cattlemen is always a big part of the annual Beef Stocker Field Day, and this year was no exception. Dale Blasi, K-State Extension specialist, even set up shad [Read More]

SEP 29, 2014 —KDA opens new headquarters building

By Doug Rich The Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA) officially opened its new headquarters building in Manhattan, Kansas, with a ribbon cutting ceremony Sept. 18. The three-story, 50,000-square foot buildi [Read More]

SEP 15, 2014 —Metal theft legislation goes to judicial council

SEP 15, 2014 —Hereford breeders gather for genetic summit

AUG 11, 2014 —Great Plains introduces new Short Disk

JUL 28, 2014 —Vote YES on Amendment 1

JUL 28, 2014 —Vote YES on Amendment 1

JUL 28, 2014 —Purple reign: A splash of lavender in the heartland

JUL 21, 2014 —Ditch the myths, EPA administrator says

JUL 14, 2014 —Firm invests in functional crop care products

JUL 14, 2014 —Company announces key partnership

JUN 30, 2014 —A cattleman's heart, a banker's mind

JUN 30, 2014 —A match made in heaven

JUN 16, 2014 —Rep. Hartzler supports Missouri Farming Rights Amendment

JUN 9, 2014 —K-State Ag Research Center hosts spring field day

JUN 2, 2014 —Demand trumps meat prices

MAY 5, 2014 —Winter canola thrives in eastern Oklahoma

MAY 5, 2014 —Legislation aimed at preventing copper wire thefts will not be passed in 2014

APR 28, 2014 —Grain sorghum residue has value as livestock feed

APR 28, 2014 —Growers ask questions about tannins and tillers

APR 28, 2014 —Undersecretary Scuse promotes disaster assistance programs

APR 28, 2014 —Southern Plains wheat crop damaged by freezing temperatures

APR 28, 2014 —No-till canola depends on residue management

APR 14, 2014 —Modern range management preserves public resource

MAR 31, 2014 —MARC celebrates 50 years of research

MAR 24, 2014 —FAPRI releases 10-year projection for crop prices and farm income

MAR 17, 2014 —PEDv spreads to 26 states

MAR 10, 2014 —Planter unit matches speed with accuracy

MAR 10, 2014 —Optimize water and fertilizer applications

MAR 10, 2014 —Beef industry under pressure from activists, government policies, and consumer preferences

MAR 3, 2014 —Cattlemen enter the fifth dimension

FEB 24, 2014 —McDonald's searching for definition of sustainable beef

FEB 10, 2014 —Agriculture's toolbox overflows with useful mobile apps

JAN 20, 2014 —Kansas Soybean Expo features research update

JAN 20, 2014 —Herbicide resistance is a solvable problem

JAN 13, 2014 —Chuck Massengill looks back on year as MCA president

JAN 13, 2014 —Missouri cattlemen hear updates on issues facing their industry

DEC 30, 2013 —NuFarm opens production facility to the media

DEC 23, 2013 —Lifetime passion for antique iron

DEC 16, 2013 —Cattlemen face decision on herd expansion

DEC 2, 2013 —Family physician separates fact from fiction about antibiotic resistance

DEC 2, 2013 —RFA outlines legal issues surrounding proposed Renewable Fuel Standard rule

NOV 25, 2013 —Animal, human, and public health experts gather to discuss antimicrobial resistance

NOV 18, 2013 —Sub-surface irrigation systems can increase irrigation efficiency

NOV 11, 2013 —Global warming session attracts large crowd at Kansas water conference

NOV 4, 2013 —Governor calls for 50-year vision for Kansas water

OCT 28, 2013 —Commodity Classic and AG CONNECT will begin a joint venture in 2016

OCT 28, 2013 —Commodity Classic and AG CONNECT will begin a joint venture in 2016

OCT 28, 2013 —District Attorney develops legislation to curb copper wire theft in Kansas

OCT 21, 2013 —Kansas Department of Agriculture conducts agricultural preparedness exercise

OCT 21, 2013 —Soil sensors improve irrigation efficiency

OCT 14, 2013 —Yamaha introduces multi-purpose Viking ATV

OCT 14, 2013 —Monsanto announces purchase of The Climate Corporation

OCT 7, 2013 —Experts question the numbers in USDA quarterly hogs and pigs report

OCT 7, 2013 —Stocker sector must adjust to old and new challenges

OCT 7, 2013 —World's fastest soybean farmer

SEP 30, 2013 —John Deere introduces 2014 tractors, combines, windrowers, and sprayers

SEP 30, 2013 —EPA regional administrator visits the Kansas State Fair

SEP 23, 2013 —Data transfer needs to be automatic and simple

SEP 16, 2013 —Cover crops have benefits for grain production and graze-out systems

SEP 9, 2013 —Busiest steakhouse in Missouri

AUG 19, 2013 —Tyson to ban cattle fed with Zilmax

AUG 5, 2013 —Seed treatment comes with stewardship responsibility

JUL 8, 2013 —Civil unrest disrupts shipment of soybeans into the Middle East

JUL 1, 2013 —Sandhills ranches maintained for future generations

JUL 1, 2013 —Time to demystify swine production

JUN 17, 2013 —Monsanto looks to the future with new research platforms

JUN 10, 2013 —Searching for Sustainability

JUN 3, 2013 —No-till no-brainer

JUN 3, 2013 —NBAF supporters gather for groundbreaking ceremony

MAY 20, 2013 —Working without a net

MAY 20, 2013 —Monsanto execs applaud Supreme Court's decision on seed patent

MAY 20, 2013 —Clarification

MAY 20, 2013 —Jordy Nelson introduced as spokesman for Kansas ag trademark program

MAY 13, 2013 —Crop insurance a viable, economical risk-management tool

APR 22, 2013 —Premiums prove that value-based marketing works

APR 22, 2013 —Extent of April freeze damage to 2013 wheat crop unknown yet

APR 1, 2013 —Stocker connection depends on value

MAR 25, 2013 —KFAC presents Teacher of the Year award

FEB 25, 2013 —Financial panic changes politics in this country

FEB 25, 2013 —Cattle markets need more rain and more corn

FEB 18, 2013 —Wheat harvest documentary will debut in 2014

FEB 11, 2013 —Controlling trichomoniasis

FEB 4, 2013 —Drought will persist through the summer in Kansas

FEB 4, 2013 —Political uncertainty is holding back the economy

JAN 21, 2013 —Spectral analysis used to compare soybean genotypes

JAN 14, 2013 —Protect your farm shop investment

JAN 14, 2013 —Multi-species rotational grazing system is a success

JAN 7, 2013 —These saddles are made for the working cowboy

JAN 7, 2013 —Governor holds drought meeting

DEC 24, 2012 —Missouri cattlemen need to tell their own story

DEC 24, 2012 —A ledger full of memories

DEC 10, 2012 —Karl Rove entertains crowd at 100th KLA Convention

DEC 10, 2012 —Consumers equate freshness with taste, health, and value

DEC 10, 2012 —KLA supports proposed trichomoniasis regulation

NOV 26, 2012 —Heifer International begins new program close to home

NOV 19, 2012 —Water is at the center of energy development in Kansas

NOV 12, 2012 —Ogallala Aquifer--A race to the bottom

NOV 12, 2012 —Brownback hosts Governor's Conference on the Future of Water in Kansas

NOV 5, 2012 —Three hundred days of grazing is possible

OCT 29, 2012 —New handheld GreenSeeker sensor debuts

OCT 29, 2012 —Cattlemen still waiting for herd expansion to begin

OCT 15, 2012 —Producers need insurance coverage for limited irrigation practice

OCT 8, 2012 —New handheld GreenSeeker sensor debuts

OCT 8, 2012 —Food bill vs. farm bill

OCT 1, 2012 —Cooperative effort is powerful tool for soybean breeding programs

SEP 24, 2012 —MU introduces Quality Beef by the Numbers program

SEP 24, 2012 —American Royal looks to the future with new agricultural events center

SEP 10, 2012 —USDA Undersecretary Michael Scuse visits drought-stricken areas

SEP 3, 2012 —Historic Greenwood Hotel

AUG 27, 2012 —Interest in canola is sky high

AUG 13, 2012 —Cattlemen are trying to hold on to core genetics as drought worsens

JUL 23, 2012 —Missouri will host international elderberry symposium

JUL 16, 2012 —EPA holds outreach meeting to discuss CAFO inspection activities

JUL 16, 2012 —More crop from every drop

JUL 2, 2012 —Emerging crop technologies

JUN 25, 2012 —Bailey Ballou wins World Livestock Auctioneer Championship

JUN 18, 2012 —Farmer panel gives global view of agriculture

JUN 11, 2012 —Families in need benefit from prison garden

JUN 11, 2012 —Enough of the gloom and doom

MAY 28, 2012 —Certified Angus Beef opens new culinary center

MAY 14, 2012 —Kids have cotton pickin' fun down on the farm

APR 9, 2012 —Be cautious with drought-damaged pastures

MAR 26, 2012 —MAESTRO has producers singing a happy tune

MAR 26, 2012 —MAESTRO has producers singing a happy tune

MAR 19, 2012 —Window of opportunity

MAR 12, 2012 —Rep. Lucas discusses farm bill challenges with Oklahoma Sorghum Growers

MAR 12, 2012 —Lean beef can be part of a heart healthy diet

FEB 27, 2012 —Legislative Affairs team defines issues facing cattle industry

FEB 27, 2012 —CME Group works to restore faith in the system after MF Global failure

FEB 20, 2012 —Cow-calf producers are in the driver's seat

FEB 20, 2012 —Memories come flooding back

FEB 13, 2012 —AC21 committee examines coexistence in the seed industry

JAN 30, 2012 —How local is your food?

JAN 23, 2012 —New tool could improve soybean breeding process

JAN 16, 2012 —No-Till Oklahoma Conference will feature new topics and speakers

DEC 26, 2011 —Bulls positive for trichomoniasis found in 40 Missouri counties

DEC 26, 2011 —The names are fading, but the images will last forever

DEC 19, 2011 —New beef products are quick, convenient, and tasty

DEC 19, 2011 —Proposal would reduce Kansas income tax rate

NOV 21, 2011 —KFRM hosts farm broadcaster from Afghanistan

NOV 14, 2011 —Field to fashion

NOV 14, 2011 —Irrigation made difference for cotton crop

NOV 7, 2011 —The news no one wanted

OCT 17, 2011 —Missouri Recipe serves up quality beef

OCT 17, 2011 —Squeeze more water from every unit of energy

OCT 10, 2011 —Corn hybrids available across the U.S. in 2012

OCT 10, 2011 —Taking harvest to the next level

OCT 10, 2011 —Bayer CropScience expands business with a new line of wheat varieties

SEP 12, 2011 —Drought likely to persist in Oklahoma

SEP 5, 2011 —Demonstration project becomes full-time occupation

SEP 5, 2011 —Is it time to sell cows, build herds, or get out?

AUG 22, 2011 —Round barn celebrates 100 years

AUG 15, 2011 —Cattlemen hear good news about U.S. beef exports

AUG 15, 2011 —Congressman Lucas ready to start farm bill process

AUG 15, 2011 —Sesame is drought tolerant but not drought proof

AUG 8, 2011 —Field borders make excellent quail habitat

AUG 1, 2011 —Royalties fill the gap for public seed programs

JUL 25, 2011 —Governor establishes NBAF Steering Committee

JUL 25, 2011 —A business-as-usual approach is not the answer for feeding the world

JUL 25, 2011 —Ag innovators showcase their products in St. Louis

JUL 11, 2011 —Kansas auctioneer named world champion

JUL 4, 2011 —Farmers and their CRP

MAY 16, 2011 —Family enters grad school for rotational grazing

MAY 9, 2011 —Pioneer Hi-Bred takes regional approach to hybrid development

MAY 9, 2011 —Sen. Roberts addresses symposium on agroterrorism

MAY 9, 2011 —The clock is ticking for NBAF construction

APR 25, 2011 —Young entrepreneur is in the driver's seat now

APR 25, 2011 —FAPRI developing online resource for beginning farmers, ranchers

APR 11, 2011 —Farmers respond to market signals

APR 11, 2011 —Producers adjust to Flint Hills Smoke Management Plan

MAR 28, 2011 —FAPRI presents outlook for Missouri agriculture

MAR 28, 2011 —Researchers engineer durable soybean cyst nematode control

MAR 14, 2011 —No-till Oklahoma conference is re-scheduled

FEB 28, 2011 —Producers fit twin-row production into their systems

FEB 28, 2011 —Canola is an excellent crop to rotate with wheat

FEB 28, 2011 —Canola does not require specialized equipment

FEB 7, 2011 —Decision on alfalfa is a positive sign

JAN 24, 2011 —Technology overcomes line-of-sight issues

JAN 24, 2011 —Producers gather for annual Kansas Soybean Expo

JAN 17, 2011 —Oklahoma no-till conference scheduled for Feb. 1 and 2

DEC 27, 2010 —Tell the story of modern beef production

DEC 20, 2010 —Wanted: Young farmers and ranchers

DEC 20, 2010 —Win the carbon footprint debate

DEC 13, 2010 —KLA members approve four new resolutions

DEC 13, 2010 —Demand for beef is growing

DEC 6, 2010 —Find a way to adapt to climate change

NOV 22, 2010 —NRC report says NBAF risk assessment has several major shortcomings

NOV 22, 2010 —Media invited to tour Apache assembly plant

NOV 15, 2010 —Kansas water policy must transition from development to management

NOV 15, 2010 —Growing the best crops possible

NOV 15, 2010 —Livestock organizations disagree on impact of proposed GIPSA rule

OCT 18, 2010 —Pain relief management for castration is an emerging issue

OCT 18, 2010 —Fall harvest sets record in Kansas

OCT 4, 2010 —Partnerships benefit conservation efforts

SEP 27, 2010 —Sudden Death Syndrome buries 2010 soybean crop

SEP 20, 2010 —Special tour features fence building basics

SEP 13, 2010 —Field day held at East Central experiment station

SEP 6, 2010 —Competition is a good thing--or not

SEP 6, 2010 —Buy small cattle and make them big

AUG 30, 2010 —Buy small cattle and make them big

AUG 23, 2010 —Oklahoma develops new trichomoniasis regulations

AUG 23, 2010 —Don't be afraid to use the S-word

AUG 16, 2010 —Wanted: growers with a pioneering spirit

AUG 9, 2010 —Growers included in product development at Case IH

AUG 9, 2010 —Missouri corn growers, Malta Bend FFA bring relief to food deserts

AUG 2, 2010 —Two wrecks for the price of one

AUG 2, 2010 —Packing plants install remote video auditing system

JUN 28, 2010 —Adding wildlife habitat does not mean subtracting profit

JUN 21, 2010 —Match cow herd to available forage by rolling back calving season

JUN 21, 2010 —Guide helps auctions manage animal welfare issues

JUN 21, 2010 —Match cow herd to available forage by rolling back calving season

JUN 7, 2010 —Class gives students real-life farm management experience

MAY 31, 2010 —Putting a face on soybean exports

MAY 31, 2010 —Traveling with farmers

MAY 31, 2010 —Southeast Kansas Research Center holds field day

MAY 3, 2010 —National Barn Alliance conference coming to Kansas

MAY 3, 2010 —Insect control begins with correct identification

APR 26, 2010 —National Wildlife Federation releases biomass energy report

APR 26, 2010 —Wind energy and wildlife

APR 19, 2010 —Patching together a messy landscape

MAR 22, 2010 —Climate not changing as quickly as projected

MAR 15, 2010 —Renewable energy also needs to be sustainable energy

MAR 1, 2010 —Crop rotation is vital to no-till success

MAR 8, 2010 —The fear of Asian Soybean Rust is gone

MAR 1, 2010 —Crop rotation is vital to no-till success

FEB 22, 2010 —Variety development is a numbers game

FEB 22, 2010 —It was all about the state budget at Kansas Commodity Classic

JAN 25, 2010 —KFU convention features health care panel

JAN 11, 2010 —Modern work space replaces 100-year old farm shop

JAN 4, 2010 —Looking is as much fun as finding

DEC 28, 2009 —Looking is as much fun as finding

DEC 21, 2009 —KLA approves new resolutions

DEC 21, 2009 —Capture the hearts and minds of consumers

DEC 14, 2009 —Animal welfare organization finds religion

DEC 14, 2009 —Pioneer expands effort to develop drought tolerant corn

DEC 14, 2009 —Growers are nuts about organic production

NOV 23, 2009 —Make logical food choices

NOV 16, 2009 —Producer seeks quality forage with less fertilizer

NOV 2, 2009 —The whole idea is to get better

OCT 26, 2009 —Overflow crowd attends KSU Stocker Field Day

OCT 5, 2009 —No perfect storm for soybean rust yet

SEP 21, 2009 —No perfect storm for soybean rust yet

SEP 14, 2009 —Pioneer opens soybean breeding station in Lawrence, Kan.

AUG 31, 2009 —Vilsack continues Rural Tour

AUG 24, 2009 —Truck farm replaces lost acreage

AUG 17, 2009 —Bumper crop of spinach harvested in Oklahoma

JUL 27, 2009 —Visitors center planned for Missouri wind farm

JUN 1, 2009 —Cooperative turns biomass into renewable energy

MAY 25, 2009 —Dairy industry searches for solutions

MAY 18, 2009 —Katy Trail State Park is a fun getaway for bikers and hikers

MAY 18, 2009 —Katy Trail Fact Sheet

MAY 18, 2009 —K-State open house showcases new lab

MAY 4, 2009 —Don't "bug out" when it comes to crop scouting

APR 20, 2009 —Circle A Angus customers capture genetic value

APR 13, 2009 —Vilsack announces additional food aid

MAR 30, 2009 —U.S. Custom Harvesters, Inc. meet for annual convention

MAR 9, 2009 —Oklahoma develops program to verify carbon offsets

MAR 2, 2009 —Tell your story

FEB 23, 2009 —Crop rotation is an important part of a no-till production system

FEB 2, 2009 —Old barn filled with new equipment for on-farm enterprise

JAN 26, 2009 —Co-products storage challenges small, medium size operations

JAN 19, 2009 —ASA president defends the audit of soybean checkoff program

JAN 12, 2009 —No-till is a tool like a disk or a plow

DEC 22, 2008 —Todd Allen begins year as president of KLA

DEC 22, 2008 —Horse processing is a private property issue, Stenholm says

DEC 15, 2008 —KLA members told to stay involved in the climate change discussion

DEC 8, 2008 —Changing rural demographics call for changing customer service strategies

NOV 24, 2008 —A balanced approach to food and fuel production is a requiremen

NOV 17, 2008 —Proper tractor setup can increase fuel efficiency

OCT 20, 2008 —Thanks for your support

OCT 20, 2008 —Harvest time in fly-over country

SEP 29, 2008 —Open Range is a natural for Angus beef

SEP 22, 2008 —Energy is no longer a sleeping dog

SEP 22, 2008 —0916goatmilking08cut.ld -m-

SEP 15, 2008 —East battles west over goat meat

SEP 15, 2008 —coryscottcutlines2.dr -m-

AUG 18, 2008 —OCA members hear latest on horse slaughter legislation

AUG 18, 2008 —OCA has new officers, resolutions

AUG 4, 2008 —Wildflowers and wild horses

AUG 4, 2008 —Stories included free of charge with heirloom seeds

AUG 4, 2008 —Family owned seed business goes native

JUL 14, 2008 —Record rainfall is bad news for hay production

JUL 14, 2008 —First Earth friendly fuel station opens

JUN 23, 2008 —conservationmacocutline.dr

JUN 9, 2008 —Under Secretary Dorr delivers keynote address at CUTC

JUN 9, 2008 —Strip-till provides the best of both worlds

JUN 9, 2008 —On-farm research trials show positive results

MAY 12, 2008 —Visit St. Louis for free, well almost for free

MAY 12, 2008 —getawaywebsitesstlouis.dr


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