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Common Ground by  Jennifer M Latzke

Jennifer M Latzke


Associate Editor Jennifer M. Latzke has been with the Journal since 2000. She grew up near Woodbine, Kan. Latzke writes a bi-monthly column, “Common Ground,” which has garnered several professional awards. In 2010 she was named the Communicator of Achievement by the Kansas Professional Communicators and in 2007 she was named a Master Writer by the American Agricultural Editors Association. She is also a graduate of Class X of the Kansas Agricultural and Rural Leadership program. Latzke can be reached by phone at 620-227-1807, or by e-mail at jlatzke@hpj.com.

Beyond 'Flanders Fields'

By Jennifer M. Latzke I grew up surrounded by military veterans who had left the wheat fields of Kansas to fight on the battlefields of foreign lands. They made up the 40 percent of the American military who historically hails from


160 Articles:

NOV 3, 2014 —Beauty secrets of a High Plains woman

By Jennifer M. Latzke I chuckle when people back home complain about wind. Bless their hearts. I live in Dodge City, Kansas. A city the National Climatic Data Center crowned as the nation’s third windies [Read More]

OCT 20, 2014 —Still making the best better

By Jennifer M. Latzke For more than a century, millions of young people all over the United States have been challenged by one motto—“To make the best, better.” In our rural communities, our small towns, our urban hubs and [Read More]

OCT 6, 2014 —You won't break the camera

By Jennifer M. Latzke It never fails. The minute I haul out my camera in a social setting—wedding receptions, reunions, baby showers, parties, you name it—there’s one joker who makes the crack about being so ugly he or she wil [Read More]

SEP 15, 2014 —Beyond the cow and plow

By Jennifer M. Latzke I was an atypical agricultural communications student if there ever was one. Sure, I’d “grown up on a farm” and I’d “been a 4-Her”—two phrases, by the way, that lend credibility to anyone. But as far as agricul [Read More]

SEP 1, 2014 —Time to revive the Clean Plate Club

By Jennifer M. Latzke “You sit there, young lady, and don’t you move until that plate is clean. You hear me?” Oh, I heard her. And no matter how much I begged and bargained, there was no budging Mom when it c [Read More]

AUG 18, 2014 —Opportunities to learn and grow

By Jennifer M. Latzke “Requiring nothing of a child gives them no chance for failure or success. Give your kids opportunities to learn and grow.” —Dave Ramsey No one truly enjoys chores. I don’t care if you are 9 o [Read More]

AUG 4, 2014 —Pioneer pinning

By Jennifer M. Latzke Oh Pinterest and Google. What did rural mothers do without you all these years? Do you remember the days when the phrase “pinning” referred to college fraternity pins and engagements? Do you remember recipe cards quickly writ [Read More]

JUL 21, 2014 —Show your #FairThanks

By Jennifer M. Latzke Ribbons and trophies and banners and premiums—oh my. Whenever we tell the story of youth programs, we tend to focus on who won the rosette, whose name will be engraved on the trophy, who gets to place that placard [Read More]

JUL 7, 2014 —Let freedom boom

By Jennifer M. Latzke Is there anything more American than a small-town Fourth of July? It’s a specific recipe that calls for equal parts family, community pride and patriotism, with a dash of tradition and a heaping helping of local leadership t [Read More]

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OCT 18, 2010 —Adults make 4-H possible

OCT 4, 2010 —Consumer education on the midway

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SEP 6, 2010 —The midnight train to Chicago

AUG 16, 2010 —Read the instructions and believe them

AUG 2, 2010 —The most bizarre promotion ever

JUL 26, 2010 —It's about the kids

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JUN 16, 2008 —The year of discovery

JUN 2, 2008 —Conversations with Dad

MAR 3, 2008 —Secrets to the universe found in a handbag

FEB 4, 2008 —Single life in farm country

JAN 21, 2008 —Seed catalog mania

JAN 7, 2008 —Counting down to t-h-i-r-t-y


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