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Story and photos by Angie Sutton


Finish laundry, check! Make grocery store run, check! Pay bills, check! Create some modicum of order for the coming week’s schedule, check! I’m on top of things! Or so I thought until I had 20 extra minutes to enjoy my now lukewarm mug of coffee and decided a quick perusal of Pinterest would be relaxing.

What did I learn on Pinterest in my 20 minutes? Under the facade of happy and colorfully-themed pin boards, this site is really a cruel and heartless artistically-designed-three-tier-birthday-cake fueled demon. As if I don’t have enough mommy guilt for not sewing dresses from a pillowcases or stitching an amazing homemade Halloween frock (unless hot glue counts and then I get a gold star). My oldest child will likely be scarred for life because her annual birthday cake has just been a 9- by 13-pan-of-cake and not a three-tiered castle with fondant flowers and sparkly multi-colored sugar crystals glistening royally. Except the one year that I tried the Rugrats-themed cake, and we’ll just pretend that didn’t happen.

I learned that for as organized as I thought I was, I’m failing miserably at presenting our 10 types of cereal on uniformly-sized clear plastic containers with stylishly-crafted labels. Seriously. Who does this? The concept of the whole laundry room basket caddy system gets me giddy with possibility and I “pin” several photos. Most have three or four baskets all tidy looking with folded clothes. I laugh out loud and wonder where in the world I would put enough baskets for a family of seven. We’d really need 14 baskets to cover the laundry in (dirty) and laundry out (clean) assembly line.

So I take the last drink of my coffee and sigh with the realization that my kids will have to settle for the regular mommy. The one who buys the costumes and taRead more...

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